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Okay, so yesterday we shared with you all the fact that there was great consternation because Santa, all his Elves and even the reindeer had gone on strike and are missing…

This is really a big problem for us as we have SO much to do to get our 2015 Christmas Elf Project up and going so that we can bring Christmas to all our Little Fighters nationwide; this is our biggest project of the year, as it far exceeds R600 000, but the smiles we get are all worth it.

Christmas is for children, and we really go all-out to make sure that all our Little Fighters both at home and in hospital at least have a bit of a party and some great presents to take their mind off of the massive battle that they are fighting every day for even just a short while. For many of these children what they get from the Little Fighters Cancer Trust is all that they will get for Christmas.

Last year we were able to deliver Christmas Joy to over 2 100 Children with Cancer across South Africa with the help of all our bustling and amazing little Christmas Elves,  exceeding our target of 1 065 children! Ho-ho-ho! That meant many happy little hearts, and Santa’s nose was shining with enjoyment!

This year, we aim for 2 500 Children, as we want to include all the Paediatric Oncology Patients in more hospitals!

Never at a loss for what to do in a crisis, and even though there is currently a global search on for them, the Little Fighters Cancer Trust has called in our very own Superhero Super-Sleuth, Little Fighter Tommi, to do a bit of sleuthing….

Little Fighter Tommy

We have been getting some tips as to where the elusive Kris Kringle may be, and there have also been some sightings of a strange red glow reported in certain areas so hold thumbs…

We will report back to you as soon as we have some news…

In the meantime please volunteer as one of our helpers and put a smile on the face of a Child with Cancer this Christmas.

Remember, apart from supporting Individual Children with Cancer, their siblings also get Christmas Gifts and many of these destitute Families are also gifted with a full month’s worth of groceries so that they too can share in the Festive Season without having to worry about where the next meal will come from.

Please email mandie@littlefighters.org.za for the full groceries list, if you would like to collect and donate groceries.

We will also post the full list on this blog as well as drop-off points in the near future.


Leave us a comment so that we can see whether we are delivering relevant information or not, and please share our posts :-D

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