Childhood Cancer requires around the clock care – most of the time one of the parents, generally the mother, has to leave their employment = the family income being severely depleted.

Many Children with Cancer stay in the hospital for up to two years at a time, which means that the mother must stay at the hospital with them.

Regular hospital visits for treatments/check-ups; petrol/transport money to and from clinics and the hospital; specific dietary needs; medication needs; special equipment and clothing needs all add to the financial stress.

Siblings at home suffer as there is insufficient money for daily living, let alone for school needs. There is often no food in the home, and Families are unfortunately sometimes evicted or lose their homes due to insufficient funds to pay rents or bonds.

Imagine the chaos in a Family where it is a single-parent or Gogo-run household.


Every time LFCT does a hospital outreach e.g. Easter Eggs, Share the Warmth, LFCT Christmas Elf, etc. the siblings at home are included (via a care parcel). As with the children in hospital, we keep records of all siblings, ages etc. as all gifts are personalised according to age and gender.

Children with Cancer must follow a nutritionally specific diet, which is often impossible for our families to follow due to lack of funds. LFCT prioritises providing groceries to individual families affected by
childhood cancer, while the Child with Cancer is both in and out of hospital, in the form of monthly Family Care Packages. Read more about this on our Family Care Packages page.

Resources permitting, LFCT also provides beds, bedding, clothing, shoes, school bags and stationary; assists with home repairs to make it conducive for the child with cancer to live in the house; and transport costs to and from the hospital or clinic.

LFCT also assists with funeral expenses where necessary, should a Little Fighter lose their fight against cancer, and attends the funeral in support of the family where possible.

LFCT continues with support for the family for 6 months after the child with cancer is medically declared to be in remission & 3 months after a Little Fighter gains their angel wings, in order to make things a bit easier for the family over
this very difficult period.