Swim For Hope

14 Seasoned open water swimmers took part in the epic Swim for Hope around the notorious Cape Point yesterday, April 13th, after a prolonged standby period. 

The Cape Point rounding, which is widely regarded as one of the most extreme open water swims in the world, was done in support of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, a local charity that offers support to children with cancer and their families.  The group of 14 swimmers entered the water at Diaz Beach at 11:30, and this late start was due to thick fog around Cape Point. Heading toward the Point, swimmers had a relatively good start, despite the icy water, which, for the entire 8.5km, never rose higher than 13° Celsius.  Little did the swimmers know what lay ahead?

Just beyond Cape Point, the wind direction changed and wind strength picked up, creating choppy waters, which makes it extremely difficult for the swimmers, as water is thrust into their faces every time they lift their faces to breathe. The notorious Cape Point currents constantly pulled at the swimmers, and when the swimmers navigated around the Point, they were greeted by a thick bank of fog, having to rely heavily on commands and guidance from the experienced support boat skippers.

Nonetheless, 13 of the 14 swimmers successfully completed Swim for Hope, with the event founder, Carina Bruwer, succumbing to severe hyperthermia after 1 H45M in the water, having completed 6km of the 8.5km route. She was pulled from the water by her support crew, taken to land, and has made a full recovery. Anthony Pearse, who set the current Cape Point record at 1H41 during Swim for Hope 2014, sped around the Point, and even in the adverse conditions, managed to finish in 1H46. Brenton Williams, a seasoned open water swimmer from the Eastern Cape, completed the first ever rounding of Cape Point in the taxing and least swum in open water, Butterfly Stroke, exiting at Buffel’s Bay in 3H33. Kendal Wright, who partnered with Williams, and swum freestyle, became the youngest open water swimmer to round Cape Point, and with this extreme swim under his belt, it was a privilege for this Grade 12 Grey High School learner to swim for youngsters Fighting cancer. Maura Sanderoff, a childhood cancer survivor, having lost her left leg due to cancer at age 16, finished in an emotional and exhausted 4H40. 

Other finishers were Anthony Sellmeyer and Richard Child, both in 3H35, Neil Ralphs in 2:25, Clinton le Sueur and Charl Cilliers in 2H36, Martin Vleggaar at 2H48, Colin Gluch in 3H12, Johan Wegner in 2H40 and Lindsay de Kock, who braved the extreme conditions for 4H53.

Barefoot for a day St Josephs

On 13th of May, we delivered new shoes for 30 children with cancer to the paediatric oncology ward at St Joseph’s Home for Chronically Ill Children.

The children just loved the new shoes. 

THANK YOU for your continued Support of our Projects! YOU made this possible!

Get Wrapped St Josephs

On 13 May, we delivered warm, fluffy new blankets for 30 children with cancer housed at St Joseph’s Home for Chronically Ill Children, one of 14 paediatric oncology wards which will be reached by our ‪#‎GetWrapped Project this year. 

Smiles and happy ‪#‎LittleFighters makes it all worthwhile!

THANK YOU for your contributions, YOU made this possible!

Get Wrapped Steve Biko and Unitas

Today ‪#‎LFCT delivered blankets and toys to the children at Unitas and Steve Biko. Over 30 children and their Caregivers got blankets and all the children got toys too. Unfortunately with the Child Protection Act we are restricted from taking pictures of the children.

This was due to an incident at the end of last year where photos of some of the children were taken by someone and being exploited. But we can assure you that we left the hospitals with smiles all round and the children will be snug in their new blankies.

Thank you to each and everyone who donated and helped make this happen.

Climbing Kilimanjaro for Cancer Kids

Our GREAT Kilimanjaro Climbing Team Have Done It! They Have Mastered Kilimanjaro. 

These 8 People Put Themselves Through Hell Training For Months On End And Then During The Really Difficult 6 Days That The Hike Took – All In The Name Of Raising Childhood Cancer Awareness And Fundraising For Little Fighters Cancer Trust To Help Us With What We Do – Provide Support To Childhood Cancer-Affected Families Throughout South Africa Without Fear Or Favour. 

To Read About Their Adventure Please Follow The Link

Click Here!

Congratulations To The Team On Your GREAT Achievement! 

Thank You To All That Participated

Eben Donges High School

This is one of the most awesome posts you will see.

Eben Donges High School in Kraaifontein became involved with LFCT last year, when they donated a large amount of blankets toward our ‪#‎GetWrapped project. 

So, two days ago, they called and told us they had a few small fundraisers for LFCT at school, and they want to buy what we need for the Bag of Hope and Birthday Bash which will take place on 9 July. We have been asking on this page as well as by mail, for product and financial donations to enable us to do this massive drive.

We had 50 items on our list for one of our projects #bagofhope, multiplied by 16 of each item, last Monday. We had fifteen on that list this Monday, of which I gave Leeroy (from the school student council), a list of ten items, of which they could do any. 

Today, they called and told us they managed to purchase SEVEN of the items on the list! 

This is not an affluent private school. These kids worked hard to raise that money. And they took SEVEN items off our list, whilst many corporates could not manage something as simple as one item, 16 packets of Mari biscuits. 

Should we say this out loud? Yes. We should. It is only the truth. And it gives us hope for the future. Our children’s future as well as our Country’s future. These Eben Donges students will soon be in the workplace, adults and decision makers. With these beautiful values and selfless compassion, they give us a glimpse of what the future COULD be like. 

We need to look after and take care of our youth. They are our greatest asset. 

Eben Donges….you may carry your name with Pride. 

Thank you very much too every teacher, student, parent and member of the public, who supported their efforts. 

You guys ROCK!

Get Wrapped Joburg Gen and Donald Gordon

Today we did our ‪#‎GetWrapped deliveries at Joburg Gen and Donald Gordon. Joburg Gen has just recently revamped the ward and it was really bright and warm there… some of the children were just on nappies.

But all the children in both hospitals got a nice warm blanket and we had enough to give one to each caregiver too. We also supplied each child with a brajoe to keep there little heads warm
This was possible because of the generous donations we received from our ‪#‎LFCT Supporters… so a huge thank you from us to you because without you it would not be possible.

Unfortunately we do not have pictures with the children because of the Child Protection Act, but I can tell you that we left with big smiles from everyone

Seven7 Drive

On 2 July 2015, three intrepid adventurers departed from the Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Capital Park, Pretoria, on an epic journey through seven southern African countries – in just seven days. The trip, known as the SEVEN7 Drive, endeavours to raise funds for children with cancer, and specifically for children with cancer who are terminal and are not covered by medical aid. 

Taking on the epic challenge is a trio not entirely unfamiliar with African overland adventures. Heading up the team is well-known off-road and adventure journalist, Danie Botha, along with Leisure Wheels photojournalist and experienced traveller G.G. van Rooyen and logistics expert Jan van Deventer, who counts top international film and television companies as his clients. 

Playing a vital role in the back-up and fundraising team is Margaret Pretorius, a highly experienced events professional formerly of African Outdoor Group, who is currently fighting cancer herself – as determinedly as can come. 

“Driving 6500km in seven days is not a major challenge if you drive on new highways. But we will be tackling lesser known tracks, and on each leg there will be rough gravel roads and twee-spoor tracks to cover,” says Botha. “We have assembled a formidable team, but in Africa you never know what you’re going to find around the next corner.”

To read more about their adventure please follow the link

Click Here!

 Video link:

Click Here!

We would like to thank each and every one who participated and donated to this worthy cause.

Southern Cape Garden Route Eastern Cape Little Karoo Road Trip

Visiting families and doing Hospital ward deliveries:

Recently Thomas and Mandie left Tania to guard the fort and went off on another road trip to dispense love, support, smiles, dignity and Bags of Hope to some of our Little Fighters and their families along the Garden Route, Southern Cape, Eastern Cape and Little Karoo, and do some hospital work in between.

This was a week-long trip that is very difficult to undertake because taking time off from the general organising and fundraising for all the projects that Little Fighters undertakes, including the Mandela Day Project which is coming up later this week, is hectic, but we do what we do with love.

Another definite highlight of our recent 2000+km road trip, is that we now KNOW, we can fit 32 Bags of Hope into one car!

As you might or might not know, the Little Fighters Cancer Trust has NO vehicles. We use privately owned vehicles to do all we do, simply because we do not have the funding to purchase a vehicle, and with the funding which we do have, we cannot justify the expenditure of such a huge purchase while we have Families who need groceries, beds, clothing, hospitals who request product assistance….and more.

When we work away from home, this is a great concern, because our work is so extensive, that we often have to really pack like International Tetris Champions to fit everything in to one car!

Well, we were really worried, and had a Supporter on standby, just in case. However, we made it! PLUS, two boxes of knitted jerseys and two people fitted….not comfortably, but when you WANT to make something happen, you DO!

We do have a Dream though….having our own little bus, so that we can do MORE, transport MORE and reach MORE ‪#‎LittleFighters, hospitals and Families!

We can proudly say that the Little Fighters Cancer Trust is the only Childhood Cancer Support Organization in South Africa, who braves gravel roads, dirt roads, and at times NO roads, to personally, hand-deliver Support to ‪#‎LittleFighters and Families in the most rural areas, families who would otherwise not receive any other form of Support.

We simply wish we had more resources to do these trips more often, but with your continued assistance, we can commit to doing what we can, when we can, and where no one else will go.

And yes, we had a tyre blow out in the middle of nowhere and nothing, but we travel very well prepared!

But when we got over those mountains you see in the background, dirt road all the way, and finally reached the Family, their smiles and hugs were most definitely well worth the rough and tumble drive, waiting for herds of sheep and goats to pass over the road in their own sweet time, the dust, floating eyeballs (as our last stop was verrrrrry far back!) and the cost of two new tyres.

THANK YOU to every Supporter who makes it possible for us to reach the often forgotten. YOUR donations make this all possible.

Mandela Day with Nedbank

On Friday, 17 July, six Nedbank Volunteers joined the LFCT Team for some of the work which we do on the ground. 

It was pouring down with rain the entire day, but nothing dampened the high spirits smile emoticon

We started off early in the morning with a short brief, explaining what they were to do, AND, giving them their budgets to work within. Nedbank kindly donated the amount of R10 000.00, which had to be used in full, to provide Support to three Childhood Cancer Families.

We took the group shopping, and as they had information on family size, dietary requirements, favourite colours and more, calculator in hand, they were set to hit the Mall!

The Nedbank Volunteers were given an hour for shopping, and two of the groups, after 30 minutes, had only a small amount of goods in their trolleys. Watching their budgets closely, they were a bit nervous at first, but when the ball got rolling, BOY, did it get rolling! The last three minutes before we were to line up the trolleys at cash point number 17, was crazy, with each group realising they still have money to spend, and wanting to spend it wisely.

We have to applaud these six Nedbank volunteers. They all stayed within their budgets, provided MORE than what was on the lists they were given, and could even add a treat or two for the families 🙂

After a quick lunch and some reshuffling of goods in cars for delivery to the families, we headed off to the home of one of our Little Fighters, and the Nedbank Volunteers lay vinyl carpeting throughout their home, which was previously raw cement floors.

LFCT was to have the groceries delivered to the Families, but after spending some time getting to know each family on paper before they could shop for them, the Nedbank Volunteers insisted on delivering the goods themselves.

The Families were absolutely overjoyed by their gifts of groceries, clothing, carpeting and more.

We are overjoyed at yet another successful partnership, and look forward to working with Nedbank on future projects!

Dawie, Lucinda, Carol, Carmen, Yolanda and Debbie….you guys were brilliant. We had such fun with you, and appreciate your hard work on the day, and the care you took to ensure that every family receives exactly what they need.

Thank you to Nedbank for making the day possible!

Mandela Day Knitathon with Fair Cape Dairies and Mandela Rhodes Place

The Knitathon took place at the Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel & Spa in St George’s Mall.

Fair Cape Dairies and Mandela Rhodes Place partnered up again this year to make the knitathon possible.

All blankets will be donated to the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel & Spa Donated R2500 towards The Little Fighters Fund

There were prizes for the best male and female knitters, who each won a one night stay for two people in a luxury apartment (breakfast and VIP amenities included).


Taj Cape Town Hotel

Cape Malay Curry – R40 (on St George’s Mall)

Taj Beef Burger Special – R85 (Served with shoestring fries & onion rings in Mint, the Local Grill)

Served between 10h00 – 14h00

 Taj’s Instragram also had a nice competition!!

Every one spend the day listening to live music, got a chance to meet Mr SA, Armand du Plessis and support Mandela Day’s 67 minutes by donating blankets or kids toys.

Motherland Coffee Company handed out FREE brownies to the first 67 volunteers who participate in the Knitathon.

Food Lover’s Market had half price sushi.

Doppio Zero had a special – buy 2 pizzas and get the cheaper of the 2 for FREE! 

Thank you to everyone who made the knitathon a success and for spending your 67 Minutes with Little Fighters Cancer Trust! 

Tygerberg Hospital Ward Picnic

we went for a picnic in Tygerberg Hospital’s Paediatric Oncology Ward, where chocolate cupcake covered smiles and all kinds of treats and gifts, brought some warmth to many hearts.

Carina Bruwer joined us, and had everyone’s feet tapping with her magical flute….drumming and tambourine support was provided by the children.


Fair Cape Dairies for the yoghurts, fruit juice and chocolate milk….these were most certainly enjoyed by all, and the children plus their parents, were all very glad about the huge amount of goodies we could leave for them to enjoy over the next couple of days.

Lollos for all the Lollos and Lettie dolls. They have found new homes, and there was plenty of hugs and kisses!

Vineyard Superspar & Tops Southern Paarl for the snack packs, given with so much love.

Daleen Laing for the beautiful, delicious cupcakes. Chocolate was definitely the best choice!

Our Supporters for the blankets, which we could gift every child with, as well as all the mothers, who, in this weather, was really appreciative of the extra warmth. 

Great fun was had by all, although about half the children could not leave their beds to join us, we hand-delivered the picnic to every single room.

Lollos joining LFCT to Create Childhood Cancer Awareness

On Saturday, September 12th 2015, Lollos visited the Little Fighters Cancer Trust at Paarl Mall to raise ‪#‎ChildhoodCancerAwareness.

We simply LOVED Lollos’s GOLD cape! He looked ever so smart:-)

Dancing and singing, so many little friends joined us, and everyone had a great time. Lollos was kind enough to spend some extra time with us, so that our little friends could hug him and mommies and daddies could take photographs.

The Paarl public Supported our #ChildhoodCancerAwareness drive with great enthusiasm, and it was wonderful to see so many families come out to join us.

We handed out hundreds of ‪#‎EarlyWarningSigns pamphlets and Gold ribbons. It was a bit unnerving that there was people, walking with children on their arm, who had no interest in listening for ten seconds, and receiving Gold ribbons and a pamphlet free of charge. However, we will keep doing these drives, keep educating, promoting and advocating.


THANK YOU Lollos, we simply heart emoticon LOVE heart emoticon you!

THANK YOU Paarl public, for coming out to Support #ChildhoodCancerAwareness and LFCT! 

THANK YOU to Peter from VDV Properties for rushing from a meeting to take photographs and video for us, as our hands was just a little full!

No Club Just Dub Cancer Ribbon Run Park Off for LFCT in Paarl

On Saturday, November 28th, VW Enthusiasts from all over the Cape Peninsula, descended on Paarl for a Cancer Park Off, hosted by No Club Just Dub,

The effort was to raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust as well as provide an opportunity for VW Enthusiasts (and a HONDA Club joined in as well), to donate toys and non-perishable food for our 2015 ‪#‎ChristmasElfProject.

Despite it being a scorcher (38 degrees in the shade) the ladies and gents Supported this event very well, and we are extremely grateful for the toys and food collected, which will make a huge difference.

THANK YOU firstly, to the guys and gals from No Club Just Dub for all the hard work and organizing that went into joining everyone together.

THANK YOU to Autozone for the great prize and Gravel Junction for the wine your donations are very much appreciated.

To every person who joined us, THANK YOU! Every donation is very much appreciated!

‪#‎LittleFighter Nuraan came as well, and she insisted on bringing a present for the Christmas Elf Project. What a special donation:-) Thank you Nuraan. Ethan and his family joined us for a while as well, and it was SO nice to see him running around, playing, even climbing a small tree especially because doctors doubted he would ever walk normally, as he lost a large amount of muscle tissue during surgery.

Another father arrived with his two daughters, each carrying a gift, and Dad carried a bag of foodstuffs!

He mentioned that they read about the event in the local newspaper, and just wanted to drop off a donation. The eldest daughter, had cancer, but has been in remission for 9 years. Also a very special donation.

We would like to thank every sponsor, every service provider and every donor, who made this event possible. 

THANK YOU ALL, for making it possible for us to DO MORE!

Christmas Elf Delivery Red Cross Hospital

We were able to deliver a WHOPPING 250 Christmas Gifts (sex and age appropriate, and mostly educational toys), snack packs and a few extras.

We got to hand the gifts directly to the patients in the day clinic oncology ward. We met so many of our LFCT Families in the hospital today, but luckily, all our ‪#‎LittleFighters are doing well.

THANK YOU Fahrad, ‪#‎LittleFighter Muhammad’s Daddy, for jumping in with a helping hand, offloading the bakkie, sorting and carrying goodies. Much appreciated!

A HUGE THANK YOU goes to everyone who contributed. We do not have the names of every individual, but would like to mention the FlightCentre Foundation and Rabie Charitable Foundations, who both made sizable contributions to making this happen today.

EVERY Individual donation is JUST as much appreciated and valued. 

THANK YOU for allowing us to continuously DO MORE!

LFCT Families Christmas Tree Event

With a generous donation from a benefactor who wishes not to be named, the Little Fighters Cancer Trust and Carina Bruwer was able to host a wonderful Christmas Tree for most of the LFCT Families whom we Support in Cape Town.

It was incredible to have everyone together and to see so much happiness and joy.

The children had ample space to play at Tables at Nitida, who graciously hosted the event. Dinner was lovely and relaxed and then Santa arrived and the REAL fun started!

After the excitement of Santa’s visit, everyone joined in singing Christmas carols with Carina, to end the evening on a special note.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed and made this magical evening possible.

Mr Ramzi Mansour and Family

Nitida for the venue and a special menu

Fair Cape Dairies for drinks and milkshakes

Paarl Toyota for providing transport for some of our Families

Unieke Boetieke Costume Hire for the Santa Suit

Toys n All Paarl Mall- for more discounts on gifts

John Bouwer, AKA, Santa Clause

Carina Bruwer

As you can see from these photographs, there is no doubt that the evening was enjoyed by absolutely all! 

Ho ho ho and a Merry Christmas!

Donald Gordon and Joburg Gen Christmas Elf Delivery

Today we visited Donald Gordon and Joburg Gen to spread some cheers. ‪#‎LFCT Supporter Karen Brooke came along to lend a hand.

Thank you Karen for taking the time out with us. Donald Gordon only has 12 beds was over capacity and some children had to stay in High Care as there was not enough space to accommodate everyone. But all is good, and we left amid smiles and cuteness. And then off to Joburg Gen for the last Christmas stop for the year.

Unfortunately, due to the Child Protection Act neither of the hospitals allowed us to take photos.

Steve Biko and Unitas Christmas Elf Delivery

Today we did the two hospitals in Pretoria and we had some heavy weight ‪#‎ChristmasElves helping us spread some cheer to the ‪#‎LittleFighters.

Thank you Jaco Els, Shawn Marx and Robert from Warrior Sports Martial Arts and Fitness Academy, Dricus “Stillknocks” du Plessis (EFC Worldwide – Extreme Fighting Championship) and Niel Du Plessis (Fightstar Fighting Championship South Africa) The latter two out of CIT, for taking time out from your schedules.

We appreciate the Support and the muscles in carrying the bags and making the children smile. Needless to say for the first time Francoies and I did not have to lugs the gifts around

Tygerberg Christmas Elf Delivery

We delivered 35 Christmas gift packs to the Little Fighters in the paediatric oncology ward at Tygerberg Hospital this morning.

It was quite a shock to see this ward so busy, with children coming and going constantly. When we confirmed the patient list this morning, we were advised to prepare for 13 Little Fighters. Luckily, we are always over prepared for any eventualities, and not one Little Fighter was left out!

We took very few photographs, as many Little Fighters was really not well, but everyone had a smile by the time we left. 

THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to the Little Fighters Cancer Trust Christmas Elf Project. YOU made this delivery possible.

Bloemfontein Universitas Christmas Elf Delivery

Our wonderful pair of hands in Bloemfontein, dearest Cynthia, had great fun delivering Christmas gifts and snack packs to all the children currently in Bloemfontein Universitas Hospital’s Paediatric Oncology unit.

There are gifts and snack packs donated by YOU, and we have the blessing of the unit head to share these photographs with you, so that you can see where your donations to Little Fighters Cancer Trust ends up. 

Many of the Little Fighters in the ward today, was really very sick, and we do not take photographs of them when they are not feeling well. Even though they were asleep or in isolation, they will get their gifts and snack packs when they feel a bit better.

As we always over-cater, because there could be newly diagnosed children or emergency admissions to the ward, literally overnight, we were also able to leave 12 gift packages with Prof, who will hand them out too Little Fighters as they get admitted over the next few days.

There was plenty of happy Little Fighters today, lots of smiles and laughter, squeals of delight and a lot of hugs. 

THANK YOU to everyone who has had a hand in the ‪#‎LFCTChristmasElf Project. YOU made this all possible with your generosity and love.

Albert Luthuli Christmas Elf Delivery

 This year, Little Fighters Cancer Trust joined forces with Mrs Perumal, whose son is a cancer Fighter, and who has, for the past ten years, assisted the Doctors and Nurses of Albert Luthuli Paediatric Oncology, in hosting a Christmas Party for ALL the ‪#‎LittleFighters treated at Albert Luthuli. 

We supplied a Christmas gift, snack pack, Christmas crackers and Santa hats for every single child who attended, which enabled Mrs Perumal and the wonderful staff, to use their resources to

Oh goodness! And it was amazing!

Our volunteers, Tamsyn and Sunette, had a wonderful time handing out all the gifts. There was so many smiles, incredible joy and a truly Festive Spirit.

THANK YOU to every single person who contributed toward the ‪#‎LFCTChristmasElf Project. YOU made this delivery possible. 

THANK YOU to Aunty Mary, Mrs Perumal and the caring Staff at Albert Luthuli for allowing us to assist them. We look forward to working with you very soon, to make sure your Little Fighters and Families get consistent, practical Support.