Alexia Visit

Alexia and mommy Jacqui were on the way home to Oudtshoorn by bus, and had to change buses in Paarl. We went to see Alexia and Jacqui, with a gift for Alexia. A bus exchange turned into a manicure session for Tommy, under a tree, at a gas station, full of pink nail polish with glittery bits. We also had tea from her new tea set…such a thoughtful hostess to think of our needs!

Nothing better than impromptu fun:-) Safe travels ladies! Lots of love! Please let us know when you are safely

Swim For Hope

Fifteen swimmers from all walks of life took part in the “2014 Swim For Hope” 8km rounding of Cape Point, stretching from Diaz Beach on the western side of Cape Point with its notoriously turbulent waters, to Buffels Bay on the Eastern side, taking swimmers through the point where the two oceans (Atlantic and Indian) meet.

The Swimmers

Carina Bruwer (34), who leads the multiple award-winning instrumental pop group Sterling EQ and holds records for numerous swims including the English Channel (fastest SA woman), Gibraltar Straits (fastest woman), False Bay (fastest SA woman) and many more, is joined by 12 men and 2 women aged between 24 and 61, all of whom have significant open water swimming experience. Collectively Capetonians Justin Coetzee (44), Keith Struthers (55), Monika Hayes (50), Lindsay de Kock (55), Anthony Pearse (44), Martin Vleggaar (36), Neil Hopkins (32), Chris Wescott (33), Charl Cilliers (45), Clinton Le Sueur (40) and Rouen Smit (24) share dozens of successful Robben Island crossings plus a few records, while Johannesburg swimmers Colin Gloch (46) and Richard Child (61) have also braved the Cape waters for a number of crossings, while Richard also has an English Channel crossing to his name.

West View College Barefoot for a day

West View College went Barefoot for a Day on Friday, March 7th, and collected new shoes for Little Fighters Cancer Trust to distribute to Children with Cancer across South Africa.

The staff and children went to a lot of trouble to carry the barefoot theme throughout the school, and even some parents came to school barefoot that morning! Although it was raining in Johannesburg, everyone had a lot of fun:-)

Well done West View College, and THANK YOU from the very bottom of our hearts! You guys are simply amazing!

Barefoot For a Day Collection Izak Davel

LFCT Ambassador Izak Davel collected bags & bags of shoes for Little Fighters Cancer Trust. I would estimate ~ 300 + pairs of shoes were in the bags! Thank you very much Izak for always showing your support! The collecting of these shoes could not have been an easy mission! Our eternal gratitude!

Get Wrapped Red Cross G1

On Monday, March 31st, the Little Fighters Cancer Trust did the very first of the #GetWrapped Blanket Drive Hospital Deliveries. Plenty of smiles, warm snuggle and happy little hearts.

One particular Little Fighter in Isolation, who we could only wave to through the window, immediately grabbed the soft and fluffy blanket she was gifted, and held it to her face, enjoying the softness with a huge smile on her face. It was the most beautiful wave we have ever gotten through a little glass window in the closed door.

We were able to leave 20 blankets with Sr Brown (G1’s Mother Hen) to gift to the Oncology Clinic children expected today. The Little Fighters Cancer Trust would like to thank every person who donated a new, warm blanket. Without you, none of this would be possible. May the blessings you gave so freely, be returned to you and your loved ones manifold?

Get wrapped Steve Biko

Steve Biko Academic Hospital
All the Children @ Steve Biko got their blankets (and of course beanies) this morning, as did their CareGivers (mom, gran, sibling)! For those living outside of JHB, our temperatures are dropping as of tomorrow down to a miserable 18 degrees, so we have done our deliveries just in time! Steve Biko has 25 children at the moment, four little ones in Isolation, one in quarantine & one in ICU! Mostly happy faces all round, with the exception of a few who were not feeling too well today! Blessed to have had the privilege of going there!

Get Wrapped Donald Gordon and JHB Gen

We did Donald Gordon early this morning, and due to the time, we caught a lot of Children & their mommies at wake up time, so unfortunately there is only one photo from this hospital – we still want everyone to have some sort of dignity & pride! The ward was full to capacity, with 12 little Children filling the wards, and a few at the clinic!

Next came JHB Gen – the Paediatric Oncology Ward was abuzz when we arrived – 22 Little Fighters! Due to a policy at the Hospital we are unable to take photos, but a few of the parents did give us permission :-)! Thereafter we went up to the 9th Floor to the Clinic, a further 20 odd Children were running about, colouring in and playing while waiting to be seen to by the staff!

And that wraps up the Johannesburg & Pretoria deliveries! THANK YOU to everyone who donated a blanket (or more) – without you we could not have done this! Namaste!

Get Wrapped Dora Nginza

This morning, Cathy Kisbey-Green, our PE Representative, delivered some #GetWrapped blankets to children with cancer in Port Elizabeth.

Here is a message from Cathy:

“This morning I delivered the blankets to the Onco kids at St Georges and Dora Nginza Hospitals. I was joined at Dora by Marcelle, Malaine, and Priscilla from General Motors. GM had generously donated 100 blankets towards the Little Fighters Cancer Trust “Get Wrapped” Blanket Drive.

We received approximately 160 blankets in all from generous donators, and for a couple of weeks we could barely move in our lounge! My car was so fully laden with blankets this morning that I could scarcely find space for my handbag!

Here are some pics of the delighted kids .”

THANK YOU to General Motors, who donated 100 blankets, and every member of the public who added to the great success of Get Wrapped in PE! Thank you to Cathy, who did the organizing and deliveries for us.

Much appreciated!

Get Wrapped Albert Luthuli

On Tuesday, April 8th, Childhood Cancer survivor, Emma Leigh, and her mother, Debbie Riggien, our KZN Representative, was joined by Eve and Michelle from Caxton publishers and delivered 100 NEW, soft, fluffy and gorgeous blankets to the patients and outpatient clinic at Albert Luthuli Hospital in Durban.

You simply have to look at all the smiles and happy faces to know, Get Wrapped is a huge hit with the children, parents and also hospital staff.

THANK YOU for every single blanket donation. YOU make all of this possible!

A SPECIAL and HUGE THANK YOU to Emma, Debbie. We appreciate you ladies tremendously. Another SPECIAL and HUGE THANK YOU to Steve, Michelle and Eve at Caxton, for punting Get Wrapped in KZN and assisting in the collection of blankets.

Photographs: Curtsy of Eve Morris.

Get Wrapped Greys Hospital

Grey’s Hospital opened a Pediatric Oncology Ward in February 2014. With the abundance of blankets donated by YOU, we were able to include this hospital ward and outpatients clinic in the Little Fighters Cancer Trust #GetWrapped project. We did Grey’s delivery on Wednesday, April 9th 2014.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Debbie and Emma for handling our deliveries for us up in KZN. To the KZN Public, THANK YOU for the amazing support! We have been wanting to become more active in KZN for a while now, but never had the resources. KZN’s public has proven, they want us to be active, they are willing to jump right on board. AMAZING!

Get Wrapped Tygerberg Hospital

On April 4th 2014, Little Fighters Cancer Trust delivered a new, soft and warm blanket to every patient in the Pediatric Oncology Ward at Tygerberg, as well as every Outpatient visiting the Oncology Clinic for treatment.

We added beanies, scarves and bed-socks, and as there was fewer children than expected, and we did not think our donors would mind, we also gifted every onco-mommy who sits at their child’s bedside day and night, with a lovely blanket as well.

THANK YOU for every single donation which made this possible! Our Supporters simply ROCK!

Get Wrapped Unitas

Today we delivered the first load of #GetWrapped blankets, as well as beanies, to Unitas Hospital Paediatric Oncology Ward! I think the smiles on the little faces say it all! All the Onco Mom’s also received a blanket as well, thank you to all the supporters who donated so generously that we were able to do this! Namaste!

Fair Cape Dairies and LFCT Easter Smiles

Fair Cape Dairies is doing an Easter Egg drive at Canal Walk and Durbanville Checkers, which ends today. 

However, Little Fighters Cancer Trust, the beneficiary of this drive, received enough Easter Eggs to start deliveries TODAY! 

There was a lot of smiles, chocolaty hands and little happy hearts, as most of the children in the Pediatric Oncology Wards at Tygerberg Hospital and Red Cross today, cannot go home over this Easter Weekend. 

Fair Cape again showed their heart, and added delicious fruit juice and more-some yoghurts for every child, mother, and we even had enough to treat all the nursing staff as well.

Fair Cape Dairies, you guys ROCK! THANK YOU for driving this initiative, getting all your super staff involved in donating Easter Eggs, and manning the two stalls at Checkers Durbanville and Checkers Canal Walk this entire week. 

Of course, THANK YOU to every member of the public who supported this initiative by putting an Easter Egg into the donations boxes. We wish you all good luck in winning those HUGE and stunning Fair Cape Hampers!

Heini Birthday Party

On Saturday, May 17th, an amazing group of Little Fighters Cancer Trust Supporters, headed by Sors GURU Grobbelaar, made Heini, one of our brain cancer Fighters, the happiest 5 year old EVER! 

Heini’s optical nerves was damaged beyond repair during the removal of his brain tumors, and our mission with this Birthday Party was to make it a day Heini will remember forever. 

Sors Grobbelaar, yes my friend, you left yourself off the thank you list. Words cannot express the respect, admiration and gratitude we have for you, and the appreciation of your incredible and passionate Support. Thank you.

Hebron Haven Fundraising

On Friday evening, May 23rd, the amazing Team from Hebron Haven, headed by Robert Pollabauer, hosted a Fundraising Auction, with the Little Fighters Cancer Trust as sole beneficiary. 

Debbie and Emma Riggien, our KZN Representatives, stood in for us, as we could unfortunately not be there in person. Emma did a touching recount of her own journey with Childhood Cancer and spoke about why, as a childhood cancer survivor, she chooses to work with LFCT. Thank you to Debbie, Emma and the Riggien Family, who went out of their way to proudly represent us. 

Well, we got some updates during the evening, and, as you can see by the photographs, it was HUGE fun! These photographs are used with the permission of MMAPhotoSA, also a sponsor of the event. Kevin Perkins had everyone in stitches as per usual.

Please know, we appreciate every contributor, artist, sponsor, bidder, staff member, individual and company, who had a part in raising the total of R47 650.00!

Mothers Day Greys’ Hospital

On Sunday, May 11th, our very own Aunty Sue and a group of amazing ladies, packed up a LOAD of treats and gifts for the Mothers at Grey’s Hospital, Pietermaritzburg Hospital, and spent the morning making many hearts happy. Mothers, nursing staff and Little Fighters alike!

THANK YOU to every single person who contributed to this lovely effort! We are extremely proud of our Little Fighters Cancer Trust Supporters, as they simply ROCK! 

THANK YOU to every business and individual who donated and sponsored. Without you, this would not have been possible to bring to reality. 

Much respect, gratitude and love. 

(PS, these are just a few photographs, we will add more to the album soon:-) )

Mothers Day Red Cross and Tygerberg

On Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11th, a couple of cars were packed, and headed off to Red Cross and Tygerberg Hospitals to treat the Mothers who could not go home on this auspicious day. 

Well, this was FUN! Such a lovely time was had by all. We ate, drank, chatted and chattered, spent some time with all the Little Fighters, and left gifts, flowers and cards. 

Grandmothers, Aunts and even Daddy’s were also included, as well as ALL the staff in the wards, who also spent Mother’s Day away from their own Families. 

Tygerberg had very few Mothers in the ward on the day, which is AWESOME, because that means most of the Tygerberg Mothers could be with their Families. 

THANK YOU to everyone who played a part in this amazing effort. Especially Andrea and Aisha, who joined us for the day. Andrea also organized all the gift bags. Anna, who made the most beautiful cupcakes, all by herself, thank you, they were as delicious as they were beautiful! 

What an awesome day it was:-)

Mother’s Day JHB Gen

Mother’s Day at JHB Gen was a huge success – Thank you to Shirley Hulley and her team of Angels who organised and arranged everything. The mommies got the opportunity of breaking away from the norm for just a little while, and needless fun was had by all! The food was great, the gift bags were really well thought out, and one of the Caregivers, a gogo, was so very appreciative and said to Shirley that this was the best day of her life! It is really amazing how something like Mother’s Day, which we celebrate once a year can be such a highlight in someone’s life! The children joined in as well, there was plenty food to eat, and when lunch time arrived at the ward – no one went to eat boring old hospital food! The children were all in high spirits, laughs and hugs and kisses were dished out – I was right in my element :-), as I got to spend time with all of them!

Again – THANK YOU so very much Shirley for all the effort you and the ladies have put in to make this a really successful day for our Oncology Mom’s! You ladies ROCK!!

Cameron Birthday Party

Cameron is an avid EFC fan, and today he got to spend time with his hero – Sean Robinson, as well as meet Leo Gloss – the King! He also got signed World Of Warriors caps and t-shirts, and to say that he was stoked is putting it mildly.

Thank you Everyone who helped – You guys ROCK big time. Little Fighters Cancer Trust appreciates you all – many Blessings x x x

Mandela Day

With Madiba’s birthday being so special to South Africa, we decided, we would break the rules….just because we can! 

Together with one of the Cape Town Woolworths divisions, we were able to make it every child with cancer in Red Cross G1’s BIRTHDAY on Mandela Day!

There was gifts, snacks, party packs, lots of laughter and a lot of surprised, but happy, Little Fighters. 

THANK YOU to Natalie Idas and her Team from Woolworths for working really hard to get everything just perfect. 

Our #67Minutes ended up being a tad longer, because everyone had so much fun:-)

***All these photographs was taken with written consent from the parents***

Mandela Day Father and Son

We received an email from Riccardo Pugliese, offering to do something for Little Fighters Cancer Trust as his and his son, Victor Liska’s, #67Minutes for #MandelaDay. In the email, it was mentioned, they can build, fix…even produce a movie:-)

We have a Little Fighter whose room is not suitable for her recuperate in, as the roof leaks. This caused mould to creep in, and our Little Fighter could not sleep in her own room, she had to bunk with mommy. 

These two amazing gentle men, jumped right in and with the help of some generous friends, Yusuf Batchelor, ever smiling Dude and Ilaria and Julian from Paintiques, the roof tiles was replaced, mould treated and removed, room painted and prettified. 

To everyone involved, Thank Y0u! May you and yours be blessed manifold for what you have done. Madiba would be very proud.

4th Annual Gold Event

On Friday evening, September 26th, 2014, the 4th Annual Little Fighters Cancer Trust GOLD EVENT took place at Cassia Restaurant, Nitida Wine Estate. Photos by Tanja Erasmus Photographer

This was by far, the most amazing Gold Event to date, and it will be very difficult to top this one! The vibe was incredible, with every person who attended, enjoying a great evening.

Carrina Bruwer provided ambient flute music at arrival, which could be enjoyed with a glass of Nitida MCC. Valiant Swart and Basson Laubscher enthralled the audience during three sets, and of course, Jaryd Rusty Smith performed “Life” live at the Gold Event.

Our guest speakers were Prof Alan Davidson, head of Pediatric Oncology at Red Cross Children’s Hospital, and Angus Kerr, teen cancer warrior and LFCT Actionist Award Winner. The Little Fighters Cancer Trust had a huge surprise for Angus, as we will back him both financially and with product, to make his work between teens fighting cancer, a lot easier for him.

Berman – Berman-Kalil Housing Concepts surprised LFCT with an announcement that they are gifting us with OFFICES. Have a look at what they do with containers! We now need land in Paarl to put down our offices when they have been completed, to our specifications!

With the incredible scenery, the beautiful decor was enhanced with candlelight and chandeliers. Beautiful masks provided a lot of fun at the tables, and the food, wine and company was simply unbeatable.

LFCT handed out small measures of appreciation to individuals, who, over the years, have given of themselves, their talents and their time to LFCT, without having been asked. Out Swim for Hope Swimmers also received a small “Thank You”, and Dedication Awards went to some special ladies.

Childhood Cancer Awareness

What an awesome weekend at the Bfit Expo. Thank you Jaco Els for organizing a stand in conjunction with EFC Africa : Extreme Fighting Championship Africa and to all the fighters who took their precious family time out to help us create much needed awareness. Gordon Roodman , Tumisang Madiba , Shawn Howling Mad , Sean Robinson Full Francois Groenewald, Jp Kruger, Marino Cutendana, Brendon Katz, Danie Danie ‘Pitbull’ van HeerdenRicky Misholas and of course SoldierBoy, who fleetingly popped in with his wife, and BB Gun.

To each and every one who visited the stall to say hi and become aware, we thank you. To those who donated…Studio 4 Photography, for donating a portion of the money made on Sunday, Alias Sport for letting us display your clothing range – Thank you!

It was a really good weekend for #ChildhoodCancerAwareness

Dantes Peak

On 13 and 14 September, 2014, anglers from across the Cape, went out in the Dantes Peak Fishing Charters 2-in1 Classic. This was a Rock and Surf PLUS Boat angler event, with more than 1000 tickets sold. 

With over R150 000.00 in prizes, and some really nice fish that came in, the event was no doubt, a success. This event was both to raise funds and for#ChildhoodCancerAwareness, and we are so proud that the Gold Ribbon, was displayed clearly at all times. At weigh in, there was live entertainment, loads of good food and plenty of music, laughter and fun. 

THANK YOU to every single one of the over 20 gentlemen who rallied together for this amazing effort, and to their families, who all jumped in and supported where need be. 

It was an honor and a pleasure, and thank you for inviting us and a few LFCT Families to join you for weigh in!


According to the info received, 48 Units of Blood were donated – so well done to those who donated for a very good cause. It was a fun filled day, with celebrities making appearances, donating blood and generally enjoying a good vibe. And of course, an awareness campaign to get the general public aware. It is frightening how many people are not aware that children get cancer, but with more campaigns, we should be able to get the message out there. Thank you to those who came out in the smouldering heat! Fun time was had by all.And of course, it was a fundraiser for Jordan, and Mommy Yolandi received a handsome sum which will go towards Jordan’s medical expenses!


YPO Cape Town and YPO Cape Town Winelands got together, and youngsters between the ages of 10 and 16, organized a delightful afternoon for some of our Little Fighters and Families.

Everyone was collected and taken home in Intercape buses, there was pizza and hotdogs for lunch, loads of sweets and treats, games, sand art, face painting and an incredible Magician, who had everyone squealing and gasping in delight!

This event was organized by youngsters, for our Little Fighters, and it was a huge success. EVERYONE had loads of fun and went home happy, albeit a bit tired:-) THANK YOU to each YPO youngster, their parents, sponsors and every Little Fighter and his/ her family for joining us. What a blessed and beautiful afternoon we had:-)

Swim the Island

5 October 2014

Taken at Bagni Bahia Blanca Spotorno
On 5 October 2014, Carina Bruwer swam 18km during the SwimTheIsland race – triple the longest race distance – to raise awareness and funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, another unique Swim For Hope.


On Sunday, October 26th, 2014, RuitersVlei held a fundraiser for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

A fun filled family day, with walks, runs and cycling routes through the beautiful green vineyards, ambient music, good food, crafts, swimming, jumping castles and much more. 

THANK YOU to everyone at RuitersVlei, as well as Paarl locals who Supported. 

Much appreciated to see our local community becoming more involved!

St Joseph Christmas

We paid a visit to St Joseph’s home oncology this morning, and delivered beautiful gifts to all our Little Fighters, and added some more Festive Cheer with 10 plastic scooters, games, crafts and more, to keep the ward busy through the December holidays!

Great fun was had, and everyone LOVED their gifts and snack packs!

Thank You SO much to everyone for your 2014 Christmas Elf contributions and donations. 

These smiles are because of YOU!

Red Cross Xmas Delivery

On December 11th, Christmas came early for all our Little Fighters at Red Cross Hospital’s Pediatric Oncology Ward, Day-room, as well as Outpatients Clinic.

Little Fighters Cancer Trust #ChildCancerActionist and Swim for Hope Pioneer , Carina Bruwer, joined us for a very special morning. 

There was a lot of excitement, smiles, hugs and happy little hearts all around. 

THANK YOU to every single person and company who has contributed to our MASSIVE Christmas Elf Project! YOU made this possible! 

Dora Nginza Christmas

Thank you to Rochelle, now in remission, but all too familiar with Fighting, and her brother, for jumping in and helping with the Dora Nginza Christmas Elf Deliveries this year. And to mom, Vicky, who opened their home to boxes and boxes of gifts, drove around and gave these youngsters a great big helping hand with their efforts. 

Many thanks to each and every person or business who contributed toward the Little Fighters Cancer Trust Christmas Elf 2014 Project. Without your incredible Support and enthusiasm, we would not be able to do any of what you see in these photo albums. 

Have a blessed and most beautiful Festive Season!

Christmas Elf Tygerberg

Lots of big smiles and excitement and happiness in a place which does not see all that much happiness. 

It was an honor to have two very special Christmas elves help us with the delivery today! 

THANK YOU to everyone who has had any part in making theLittle Fighters Cancer Trust Christmas Elf Project a huge success! 

Convoy for Childhood Cancer

On December 13th, 2014, truckers, trucking companies and trucks from all over the Western Cape, and from as far as Bloemfontein, pulled an incredible stunt for #ChildhoodCancerAwareness.

39 Trucks left the N2 One Stop, drove through the Somerset West CBD, and ended up at Mondeor Restaurant, where loads of new toys, collected by the truckers and sponsored by participating companies, was handed over to the Little Fighters Cancer Trust

THANK YOU to every person, organization, facebook group and company who had a hand in a successful Convoy for Kids with Cancer