As often as we can, and with the limited resources available, we try and make dreams come true. We have no criteria for children who have dreams, and we do what we can to help them and their families create amazing memories.

MX’s dream to see Lollos perform live was such a simple dream, we could not let the chance go by to meet Lollos personally!

RUNNING FOR LIFE Dubai Standard Chartered 10km Run Dubai UAE

Lilly, Lene, Hanli and Ryan have undertaken to run the Dubai Standard, Chartered 10km Run in Dubai on the 27th of January, 2012, for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust. They are using this opportunity to raise much needed funds for our Little Fighters and Families.

Please show them your support by donating toward their cause on Back a Buddy. Please follow this link

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust thanks Lilly, Lene, Hanli and Ryan for pledging their time and energy to our cause. We wish you the very best with the run, and look forward to many photographs when you return!

Trollope Mining Services

Our Project Partner, Trollope Mining Services, provided a magnificent opportunity for Childhood Cancer Awareness whilst raising funds for LFCT.

30 Cyclists braved the Sani Pass, from Lesotho upwards, and down again on the South African side of the border, in very wet and slippery conditions.

Having run this project as a fundraiser for LFCT, TMS and their corporate friends enabled LFCT to do much of what we were able to do since March 2012.

Port Elizabeth to Cape Town

Six avid cyclists cycled from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town to raise Awareness for Childhood Cancer and LFCT, culminating in doing the Cape Argus, totalling an amazing 900 km stretch for Childhood Cancer Awareness!

Argus Cycling Team

LFCT hosted a pre-Argus Childhood Cancer Awareness event for our 2012 Argus Cycling Team. The support LFCT received from the cyclists, each and every one dedicated to raising Awareness, was absolutely amazing. This event had an air of festivity surrounding it, 12o individuals pulling together in an awesome effort. SA Truckbodies and PKF took on this event with LFCT

Pick and Pay Cape Argus Project

The LFCT Pick & Pay Cape Argus 2012 Project started with Blanche Nel, an avid LFCT facebook page supporter. Blanche dreamt up the idea of (maybe, perhaps, possibly?) having five or so friends from the Paarl cycling community getting together and cycling the Argus to raise awareness for LFCT, and Childhood Cancer.

Within days, the idea became a fully fledged, major PROJECT and Blanche roped in her husband, Ockie Nel, Kosie van Schalkwyk, Johan van Staden and PKF’s Liza Burger. Of course, their spouses and families were also in the end!

The LFCT Argus Project Team has done an amazing job. Sourcing sponsorships (thanks to them there was the complimentary cycle shirts, beer, food etc), organizing the pre-event, the hospitality site and much more.

Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycling Race

LFCT had a team of 120 cyclists who joined forces for the 2012 Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycling Race. An amazing opportunity for Childhood Cancer Awareness, the cyclists wore their LFCT kit with pride.

We had one sub 3 hours finish and lots of fun at the LFCT hospitality site at the end of the race.

Kargo sponsored all the cycling shirts for the team, and PKF assisted with hands on the day. Johan, Blanche, Ockie, Liza and Kosie are individual LFCT Supporters who deserve a mention for their amazing efforts.

Bag of Hope

LFCT extended the Bag of Hope to UNITAS Academic Hospital and Johannesburg General Hospital for the very first time. Packing and distributing over 120 Bags of Hope, we realised that there is a desperate need to expand the Bag of Hope to as many Paediatric Oncology Hospital wards as possible.

The staff of Trollope Mining Services hosted the packing and distribution and was amazing in their support of LFCT.

All the bags to distribute LFCT Bags of Hope in, is generously donated by Expandasign.

The Kfm Ground Patrol Team joined LFCT in handing out the Bags of Hope

On Thursday, March 15th, Little Fighters Cancer Trust delivered 37 Bags of Hope to the Pediatric Oncology Ward at Red Cross Children’s Hospital. As part of the Kfm94.5 and Dischem Foundation’s Random Act of Kindness program, Kfm and the Dischem Foundation sponsored 10 Bags of Hope, totaling a donation of R4500.00.

The Kfm Ground Patrol Team joined LFCT in handing out the Bags of Hope, spreading smiles and reinstalling hope.

Bags of Hope

LFCT delivered Bags of Hope to each child and mother in Red Cross Children’s Hospital’s Paediatric Oncology Ward, providing relief to not only the individuals who benefited directly, but also the families at home, who could be reassured that their loved ones was taken care of for a short while.

Children receive pyjama’s, a blanket, edibles, drinks, toiletries, educational toys, activity sets and a soft toy. Mothers receive non- perishable foods, toiletries and sanitary wear.

Mothers Day

On Mother’s Day 2012, LFCT decided to surprise the Mothers in the Paediatric Oncology Ward at Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town.

For the first time ever, all the Mothers had a meal around one table, gifts presented to them, flowers and they had a bit of reprieve from the monotonous regime of sitting next to their ill child’s bedside.

Little Karoo Garden Route and Eastern Cape

LFCT took the road once again, in a 2800 kilometre round trip in 48 hours, to visit all our Little Karoo, Garden Route and Eastern Cape Little Fighters and Families.

On this trip, we provided to the needs of our Little Fighters and Families, providing beds, bedding, clothing, groceries and medical equipment where needed.

As home visits give us the opportunity to meet the families in more comfortable environments as well as provides us with the opportunity to do a hands on assessment of needs, we intend to do many more home visits, and with greater frequency.

Fun Walk

LFCT and the New Apostolic Church in Paarl hosted a Fun Walk for Childhood Cancer Awareness. Even though it rained, LFCT has great supporters, and the turnout was amazing. The SAPS, Traffic Department and volunteers ran the event efficiently, and the day was a huge success.

Lesotho Cycling Challenge

The management of Trollope Mining Services have been inspired to put together a fundraising event in the form of a cycling challenge, of which the chosen beneficial charity will be the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

LFCT Sporting For Child Cancer

After a successful launch of the SPORTING 4 CHILD CANCER Project in Johannesburg the 15th of June 2012, INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL SERVICES CEO, Hugo Minnaar, offered a full sponsorship of ambulances and medical support for the full 34 day period over which the 2600km cycle is stretched.

IZAK DAVEL, popular actor (Egoli, Villa Rosa, Getroud met Rugby, Platteland, MNet Survivor), singer and dancer, will be cycling the full 2600km Childhood Cancer Awareness Route as well as performing in as many of the towns and cities along the route. In his own words, “Firstly, being involved with the Little Fighters Cancer Trust is an opportunity for me to give back some love to children with cancer, having had first hand experience with cancer when my wife fought cancer so bravely for three years, I know how tough it can be. Secondly, there is not nearly enough support and awareness concerning the realities of childhood cancer in our country. The most important thing to me is to hopefully make a difference in someone’s life, even if it means I have to suffer on a bicycle for 2600km to get the message across.

FERDINAND’S TOURS / LIVE THE JOURNEY will be providing logistical support, vehicle support and Ferdinand Rabie himself is committed to cycling the full 2600km to show his dedication to the Little Fighters Cancer Trust. Recently having become a father, Ferdi has been an active LFCT Supporter and Childhood Cancer Ambassador since his involvement with LFCT’s Annual Gold Event in 2011. Christian Rabie, Ferdi’s one month old son is LFCT’s youngest Childhood Cancer Ambassador. 

2ND LIFE (“Everything is Possible”, “Rescue Me”), has fully committed their time and efforts to the SPORTING 4 CHILD CANCER Project. Hitting the road with LFCT whenever they can, being LFCT Child Cancer Ambassadors, this band lives by the motto, “We are, each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another” .

STERLING EQ, is one of the most successful instrumental bands South Africa has ever produced. Bringing virtuosity and glamour together in a breathtaking showcase of stylistic fusion, the four-piece supergroup has performed at SA’s most coveted events and shared stages with global music icons. Having been active supporters of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, and often personally involved with numerous of our projects, LFCT’s SPORTING 4 CHILD CANCER Project is fully endorsed by the quartet, and further involvement will be confirmed in the coming weeks. 

KEVIN PERKINS, aka Mickael Naicker, having been diagnosed at age 19 with cancer himself and now cancer free, is enthusiastically committed to the SPORTING 4 CHILD CANCER Project. Kevin will be cycling the full 2600km main event as part of the Cycle Team, as well as doing benefit shows along the route and assisting with awareness talks. Kevin will be joining forces with a other legendary South African Comedians with a LFCT Benefit Comedy Show Night in Johannesburg on March 30th, 2013. Kevin is also a LFCT Childhood Cancer Ambassador. 

MEL MILLER of “Pot Roast and Biltong” fame and over 50 years of making South Africans laugh at themselves, will be joining the LFCT Benefit Comedy Show Night in Johannesburg on March 30th, 2013. Although there is “no way!” Mel is getting on a bicycle, he is fully committed to the SPORTING 4 CHILD CANCER Project. 

In short then, LFCT’S SPORTING 4 CHILD CANCER Project is growing exponentially, already spreading Childhood Cancer Awareness. This project is breaking new ground in more than one way. Simultaneously involving various industries in uniting in the Fight Against Childhood Cancer and committing to spreading Childhood Cancer Awareness on an unprecedented scale in South Africa.South Africans can look forward to THE biggest Childhood Cancer Awareness Campaign this country has ever seen as the approach is not preaching, but bringing the message across in a fun, intelligent way and with utmost determination.

Childhood Cancer is responsible for more child deaths than HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis COMBINED. 

The main aim of the SPORTING 4 CHILD CANCER Project is to raise awareness. Not only for exposing the realities of which the general public is unaware of, but with increased awareness, we believe that earlier diagnosis will be a direct spin- off, which will offer more children the chance of being successfully treated and surviving. 70% of all childhood cancers are 100% curable IF diagnosed in time, compared to the current success rate of 10-20% in developing countries such as South Africa. 

Extensive partnership opportunities exist as part of this project, interested individuals and companies are welcome to contact us

June 2012

During the month of June, 2012, LFCT forged alliances with comedian, Kevin Perkins, rock band 2Nd Life and singer/ actor, Izak Davel.

In the Fight against Childhood Cancer, alliances with LFCT Childhood Cancer Ambassadors who have an audience and who is in the public eye, is important for creating Childhood Cancer Awareness.

Other LFCT Ambassadors echo file_get_contents the super group, Sterling EQ, comedian Barry Hilton and socialite and entrepreneur, Ferdinand Rabie and Franco Human, AKA, “The Guy In The Green Shorts”.

KFM Ground Patrol delivers a donation of toys for our Little Fighters

Terence Mentor, Candice Botha and Cassidy Da Silva made time in their busy Ground Patrol schedule to deliver boxes of toys to LFCT in Paarl. Cassidy and Terence joined LFCT on a Hospital Outreach not too long ago, and contacted LFCT when they received a donation of toys from a donor. We are always encouraged by continued involvement by our supporters and friends. 

St Josephs Home

LFCT visited St Joseph’s Home’s Paediatric Oncology Ward, and did much needed makeover. We provided all beds and cots with brand new bedding, beautiful paintings were hung on the walls and a load of new toys was lovingly packed out.

We took the film crew from FOCUS with, and did a Mandela Day program with them  which highlighted Childhood Cancer Awareness.

Our Partner, Teleperformance, made this project possible.

Fair Cape

On Friday, July 20, 2012, some of the Fair Cape staff joined Little Fighters Cancer Trust at St Joseph’s Home. Fair Cape’s staff collected toiletries and baby care products for the Daisy Ward and delivered it as part of their Mandela Day initiative.

More exciting even, was the delicious yoghurts, milkshakes and chocolate deserts they brought with for our Little Fighters as a treat! But the best was when all the adults became children again and played games with our Little Fighters!

Want Ons Kan Cause We Can

Date: Sunday, July 29th, 2012
Venue: Belville Civic Center, Voortrekker Road, Belville
Time: 18:30
Ticket Price: R250 per person

Paarl Golf Club

The Paarl Golf Club hosted a Captain’s Charity Golf Day in aid of LFCT. The Paarl community came together for a fundraiser in essence, but left very much Aware of the realities of Childhood Cancer.

LFCT Annual Gold Event

The LFCT annual Gold Event was created by LFCT as a springboard for the National Tumour Registry to have a public platform in which to announce the latest Childhood Cancer Statistics available in South Africa.

The evening is a celebration of all those still Fighting, and  in honour of those who have lost their Fight. On this evening, we launch the new year’s projects and showcase what we have done since the last Gold Event.

The second LFCT Annual Gold Event was a huge success and truly a feat for Childhood Cancer Awareness.

Euro Steel

The medical profession is quoted by the National Tumour Registry’s findings, as not being Childhood Cancer Aware. This results in late or misdiagnosis and a very low success rate in treatment, resulting in childhood cancer being responsible for more child deaths than HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis combined.

When Prof Cristine Stefan from Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg paediatric oncology Department Head started working on a conferee to raise ChildhoodCancer Awareness among the medical staff of the Western Cape, LFCT was approached to assist. Each hospital and clinic received an Early Warning Signs Awareness Pack to utilise.

With the funding provided by Euro Steel, the very first ever medical conference on Childhood Cancer in South Africa was hosted. LFCT has already been approached by Prof Stefan to assist with hosting another Childhood Cancer Awareness Medical Conference next year in November, which will have over 2500 delegates from around the World.

Seisoene van die Lewe Book

LFCT and author, Sandra Uys, joined forces to raise Childhood Cancer Awareness in a unique way. Sandra wrote a fictional account of a Childhood Cancer Family’s life after diagnosis. All proceeds of this book, “Seisoene van die Lewe” will benefit our Little Fighters and their Families.

LFCT will be promoting this book as yet another Childhood Cancer Awareness tool, to reach a new audience.

After this intimate launch of the book, LFCT will host an official book launch early in 2013.

Numetro Movies

Most of the children from St Joseph’s Home come from very poor homes, if they have a home, and therefore do not get the opportunities we so often take for granted. This is why LFCT organises outings and special treats, such as taking the Paediatric Oncology Ward to the movies!

The V&A Waterfront Nu Metro made this day a fun and memorable one!

Red Cross

With Euro Steel as Partner, LFCT was able to deliver a further 69 Bags of Hope to Red Cross Children’s Hospital Paediatric Oncology Ward as well as Daisy Ward at St Joseph’s Home.

St Joseph’s Home was also gifted with a Family Holiday Food Parcel for each Child with Cancer.

Flash Mob Cape Town

LFCT  and LFCT Childhood Cancer Ambassador, Franco Human, AKA “The Guy In The Green Shorts”, hosted the first ever Childhood Cancer Awareness Flash Mob in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

The turnout was incredible, over 200 people arrived and simultaneously did a pre–choreographed Zumba session.

The video will be available soon on our social media networks, keep an eye out for it!

200 Bags of Hope

With Euro Steel as Partner, LFCT was able to deliver over 200 Bags of Hope to UNITAS, Steve Biko and Johannesburg General hospitals in Gauteng.

Euro Steel staff did the shopping, packing and helped with the deliveries, and got an inside look at our operations and day to day jobs. We started as Partners, we ended as Friends.

Bags of Hope with Euro Steel

While doing the Johannesburg general delivery of Bags of Hope with Euro Steel, we met a 10 year old girl who has Ewing Sarcoma.

She has lost her leg due to the cancer, and was scheduled for another major surgery on November 26th. Her dream was to meet Natalie du Toit.

As she was very down and depressed, and could not go home as she thought, LFCT, with the help of LFCT Childhood Cancer Ambassador, Carina Bruwer from Sterling EQ, made this dream come true before her surgery.

As she was very down and depressed, and could not go home as she thought, LFCT, with the help of LFCT Childhood Cancer Ambassador, Carina Bruwer from Sterling EQ, made this dream come true before her surgery.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Run

Although most of the LFCT V&A Waterfront event was rained out, we still continued with the Childhood Cancer Awareness Run, Childhood Cancer Awareness Walk and the Treasure Hunt.

As the weather did not permit us to host our Music Event in the amphitheatre, we have had to move the event to 2013. Fun was had by all, especially the children from St Joseph’s Home who had their own Treasure Hunt! Special thanks to LFCT Supporter Tracey Linde for her great organizational skills in pulling this event together!