Bobby Van Jaarsveld visits Little Fighter Xaune Niewenhuis

24 February 2011

Xuane had a dream, to meet her hero, South African singer, Bobby van Jaarsveld. Little Fighters Cancer Trust contacted Bobby and organized a visit to her home. Bobby is a true STAR, he has out of his own, invited Xuane and Mommy Theresa to one of his concerts and entertained them backstage. We love it when dreams come true!

Volvo Cape Town joined the Shavathon for Little Fighters cancer Trust

3 March 2011

We were thrilled to hear that volvo Cape Town joined the Shavathon on the 3rd of March 2011.

Little Fighters Out to Help

6 June 2011
Article by Lise Beyers

AFTER seeing friends being crippled by cancer, a Paarl couple has taken it upon themselves to try and relieve the plight of cancer sufferers and their families. Thomas Engela and his wife, Tania, were faced with the excruciating news last year, when the newborn baby of a friend, Timothy Finaughty, was diagnosed with a very rare form of Leukemia.

This was the start of a very long road of intensive medical treatment for Timothy and his mother Coralie. And Thomas and Tania have been taking this road step by step with them. Today Timothy is nowhere near recovery. At 18 months he weighs just over nine kilograms.

The Engela’s felt that they had to do something to help, not only for Timothy, but for the many cancer patients and their families throughout the Drakenstein area. They thus started the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, with the help of legal advisor Martin Oosthuizen and financial consultant Martin Louw.

The fight against cancer not only has a crippling effect on the sufferer, but on the family who generally face very hard times, which may continue for years.”

Since Timothy became ill, we have seen how many families are affected by cancer right across the area.”

And so Little Fighters was born. The trust assists cancer sufferers in any way possible, whether it be transport to and from hospitals, food, clothes, or just a general helping hand.

Little Fighters Cancer Trust gifts Reef Carneson a Breathing and Heartrate Monitor

10 June 2011

“There is a 2 year old child, Reef Carneson, who has experienced more pain in his short life than many adults have in an entire lifetime.He was diagnosed with Cancer at 5 months of age and is the youngest child ever in South Africa to have had a bone marrow transplant.His current medication causes his heartbeat and breathing to slow down dangerously when he sleeps. He needs a monitor which costs R2000 which will warn his parents if his heartbeat or breathing stops when he sleeps.Come on people, I know we can do this. Even if you donate a R10 towards this monitor it will be R10 closer to the goal.Any donations can be paid to the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, a registered non–profit Trust.”

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust would like to thank all the contributors, we were able to provide Reef Carneson with the Breathing and Heartrate Monitor he needed!

If YOU would like to contribute towards similar efforts of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, feel free to click on “DONATE” at the top of the page.

SMS line activated to the financial benefit of LFCT

16 June 2011

If you are in SA and want to make a difference please


Subscribe for a motivational message from Monday to Friday.Costs only R10 per week. Little Fighters Cancer trust will be the beneficiary for money earned via sms subscriptions.To unsubscribe you can simply sms STOP LFCANCER to 31222.

eSeller Solutions sponsor great graphics design talent and support

27 June 2011

After seeing a post by Tania on Barry Hilton’s page, asking for assistance for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, Andre contacted Little Fighters Cancer Trust, offering to design a landing page for the Facebook Page. Once we accepted the offer, his highly talented design team came up with a truly beautiful and also functional design. Once the design has been coded, Deepu from eSeller Solutions will load the landing page onto our Facebook page, and our supporters will have a one stop shop! On the new landing page there will be the basic information of the Trust, a link to the Website, donations can be made there and then, saving our supporters time and effort. After speaking with Andre about the beautiful graphics him and his team came up with by using our old graphics, we will soon be boasting a whole new look! Starting with this month’s Newsletter which the eSeller Solutions team “pimped” up for us!We hope that you enjoy the new look as we will be introducing it to you in stages.

We are extremely grateful to eSeller Solutions for capturing exactly what we want to portray. It is also worth mentioning that this is the very first sponsor who has come aboard out of their own.



27 June 2011

Since the inception of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, an internet connection has been of paramount importance to keep in touch with our Little Fighter’s families by email and on facebook. The Trust also has two very active facebook pages and runs a group on Causes as well, totalling at the moment just over 5500 supporters. The supporters receive daily updates of all our Little Fighters and a large percentage of our fundraising efforts are run online as well. Up to now, the founders of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, Tania Goslett and Thomas Engela, have been paying for internet access out of their own pockets as the monies in the Trust gets used exclusively for the Little Fighters and their families. When LANDO INTERNET SOLUTIONS were contacted by the Little Fighters Cancer Trust concerning a sponsorship, Lando responded without hesitation. They are sponsoring the Little Fighters Cancer Trust an ADSL Internet Connection which means our updates will be faster, more efficient and now, we will be able to reach Tania and Thomas via SKYPE as well!

LANDO INTERNET SOLUTIONS, we and all of our Little Fighter’s families thank you very much for your involvement and very kind sponsorship!


Kfm Radio proves to be THE CAPE NUMBER 1 RADIO STATION

27 June 2011

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust wishes to thank 94.5 Kfm for their generous sponsorship of advertiSing slots which will be aired soon. The Kfm Team did a fantastic job with the script. These slots are aimed at gaining more subscribers for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust’s sms line and to raise Awareness for Childhood Cancer. The slots will be broadcast soon so keep your radio tuned in to 94.5 Kfm if you are in the Western Cape!


First Awareness and Fundraising ads aired on 94.5 Kfm and 567 Cape Talk today

5 July 2011

Today, July the 5th, 2011, 94.5 Kfm and 567 Cape Talk aired the first of a two week long series of Childhood Cancer Awareness and Fundraising ads. The ads were most graciously sponsored by the respective radio stations. We have had great feedback from our supporters, many of whom spent the morning with one ear glued to the radio! THANK YOU 94.5 Kfm and 567 Cape Talk!

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month

9 September 2011

As part of International Childhood Cancer Awareness month, the Little Fighters Cancer Trust is running a Gold Ribbon Childhood Cancer Awareness campaign during the month of September, making and selling thousands of gold ribbons. The Gold Ribbon Childhood Cancer Awareness Campaign will be ended off with the Gala Gold Event on September 30th in Cape Town.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust is a registered NPO which assists families affected by childhood cancer. They rely purely on public donations and do not receive any assistance from government. Despite the constant lack of funds, the Little Fighters Cancer Trust makes a huge difference in the lives of children with cancer and their Families. The Little Fighters Cancer Trust provide assistance by means of food, clothing, bedding, transport to and from hospitals, paying of certain medical bills, providing of medical equipment and specialized foods, emotional support as well as working to make children with cancer’s dreams come true.

At the Gold Event, a mother who lost her six year old son to brain cancer will be a guest speaker. Professor Stefan from the University of Stellenbosch, a leading authority on childhood cancer, will also talk on the statistics and the realities. Ferdinand Rabie will be partner MC for the evening, Sterling EQ, Riaan Grobler and Jomari Greyling will provide live entertainment. There will also be a charity auction to raise much needed funds for the many families which the Little Fighters Cancer Trust supports on a daily basis.

Charmeon Carneson, Little Fighter Reef Carneson’s grandmother says “This organization, run by three people, Tania Goslett, Mandie Erasmus and Thomas Engela is incredible. In our case they have helped ease our journey through child cancer with their endless kindness and offers of help. I wonder if anyone, not travelling this horrible journey, knows how important it is to have “a shoulder to cry on” or angels like these three who always have your back no matter what. My grandson Reef was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 5 months, it has been a 2 year journey I would not wish on anyone, but LFCT are amazing whether it is sourcing specialized food for Reef and couriering it to our doorstep, sending parcels of nappies, clothes, creams etc. Collecting funds for doctors bills to be paid these, people are relentless in their determination to make the life of cancer families easier.”

Reef is currently in Los Angeles, USA, as, due to the severe lack of Childhood Cancer Awareness in South Africa, there is limited funding and expertise available, and no medical institution or expert in South Africa can assist Reef any further. Childhood cancer kills more children annually than any other disease, including HIV/AIDS. 70% of all childhood cancers are 100% curable if diagnosed in time. In South Africa, less than 50% of childhood cancer cases are diagnosed due to lack of awareness of the symptoms, lack of access to medical facilities and lack of research marketing funding. This results in hundreds of children dying because of childhood cancer each year.

SA – the Good News via Little Fighters Cancer Trust

Sterling EQ Visits Daisy Ward with LFCT

30 September 2011

Sterling EQ performed at the Little Fighters Cancer Trust Gold Event on September 30th, 2011. The performance was a huge hit with everyone who attended.

But, these ladies proved to really have it in their hearts to become involved with our efforts when they asked LFCT to organize some one on one time with some of our Little Fighters to spread some Christmas cheer. They were LOVED by the Daisy Ward children with cancer when they arrived on December 21st with Christmas presents and edibles for all. From playing ball, to swings, to lots of love and hugs, it was not sure who stole whose hearts!

One thing is for certain, fun was had by all, and by the time Sterling EQ had to leave for a performance, new friends were made.

A huge big THANK YOU to Sterling EQ for going that extra mile with LFCT. Your talent is only outranked by your generosity. We hope to see you soon, and wish you only the best on your upcoming 2012 European Tour!

Sterling EQ endorses LFCT Sporting 4 CHILD CANCER

LFCT and the breath-taking South African super group, Sterling EQ, are no strangers to each other. Sterling EQ performed at the Little Fighters cancer trust’s Annual Gold Event in 2011 and joined LFCT at St Joseph’s Home’s paediatric oncology ward to spend some time with some of our Little Fighters.

We were very pleased to be contacted by Carina Bruwer, Sterling EQ’s manager and flutist, shortly after the first Sporting 4 CHILD CANCER press release. We had a flying meeting with them in Pretoria straight after a performance at the Atterbury Theater. During the meeting they gave LFCT their full endorsement of the project.

It is wonderful that we have the support of this extremely talented group; they are great role models, and brilliant musicians and we are proud to be associated with them. Thank you, Sterling EQ, for all your support of Little Fighters, and welcome to the Sporting 4 Child Cancer team!

With LFCT’s focus on taking on the issue of Childhood Cancer Awareness using music to bring our message across, we are very excited about further discussions with Sterling EQ and continuing the existing relationship with these four talented, and big hearted, ladies.

From Left to Right: Carina Bruwer, Mark Oelofse, Eriel Huang, Thomas Engela from LFCT, Ariella Caira and Renate Riedeman

LFCT 2011 Gold Event

30 September 2011

The Gold Ribbon Childhood Cancer Awareness Campaign will be ended off with a Gala Gold Event on September 30th in Cape Town.

Ferdinand Rabie will be co MC for the evening.

Professor Stefan from the University of Stellenbosch, a leading authority on Childhood Cancer and head of Tygerberg Pediatric Oncology, will also talk on the statistics and the realities of Childhood Cancer.

A mother who lost her six year old son to Brain Cancer, Bonita Suckling, will be a guest speaker. Sterling EQ, Riaan Grobler, Jomari Greyling and Liam Deminey will provide live entertainment. There will also be a Charity Auction to raise much needed funds for the many families which the Little Fighters Cancer Trust supports on a daily basis.

Tickets for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust Gold Event are R250.00 per person. To book your ticket, please call Mandie on 073 729 6155. Corporate Tables are available at R2000 for ten seats and own branding at the event is welcome. All proceeds of the Gold Event will go exclusively to assist the families of Children with Cancer.

Childhood Cancer is NOT just a haircut!
Childhood Cancer does not need smiles, it needs Awareness and Funding!
Childhood Cancer deserves to be given a voice.
BE that voice!

The cliché “Children are our Future” means nothing if our Children keep dying from Cancer.

Barry Hilton at Child Oncology Ward

12 October 2011

On Friday, October 12st, LFCT took Barry Hilton to visit the Childhood Oncology ward at St Josephs Home. We want South Africa to become more Aware of Childhood Cancer, and people like Barry have huge audiences, paying to listen to what he says.

Mr Hilton was very impressed by what LFCT does on a daily basis to support Children with Cancer and their Families, as well as with St Josephs way of caring for ill children. This is what Mr Hilton posted on his facebook page after his very emotional visit with Little Fighters Cancer Trust, “I have just visited St. Josephs home for Children and the only thing that supersedes my heartbreak is my anger. I am speechless.”

In support of Sunflower fund remember Bandana day

12 October 2011

Spend a twenty on something that’s definitely worth the money and support bandana day on the 12th of October. All money raised will be put towards increasing the South Africa Bone marrow Registry, which exists to find and match bone marrow stem cell donors for the people who need a transplant. Such as those with leukemia and other life threatening blood disorders. Imagine it was a close friend or family member of yours who was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia.

LFCT and Live to Race

23 October 2011

On Sunday, October 23rd, Little Fighters Cancer Trust was afforded the opportunity to take 17 Children, mainly from the Oncology ward at St Joseph’s Home, to Killarney race track in Cape Town. The event was organized by Live to Race, who extended an invitation to LFCT after hearing a radio interview about what the Trust does for Children with Cancer and their Families. The children had such fun, being driven around the track in, amongst others, a Ford GP 40, a Lotus Elise, AC Cobras, Porche GP 3’s. One of the drivers was world champion race driver, Sarel van der Merwe. This was a once in a lifetime experience for most of the children, who is still talking about heir outing!

Lollos visits Child Oncology Ward

26 October 2011

Lollos was very excited to visit the Child Oncology ward at St Joseph’s Home on October 26th. He arrived just as the children had sat down to watch their Lollos 2 dvd and all chaos ensued when they saw Lollos in real life! Lollos danced, gave and received many hugs, posed for individual and group photographs and was so sad to go, but he had many other children to visit.

LFCT visited St Joseph Home

26 November 2011

LFCT visited St Joseph’s Home, where we have actively “adopted” the Paediatric Oncology Wards for 0-12 years as well as the Teenagers. We strive to supply to as much as possible of the children’s needs, be it toiletries, bedding, school bags and books, toys, outings and skills training.

On this particular day, we did an early Christmas Party with Plattypuss Productions, providing all the children with educational toys to help keep them busy over the December holiday season. We were also able to provide 30 Holiday Food Hampers for the children who could go home for the week over Christmas. As these children come from very impoverished areas, we provide the family with enough food to be able to look after the Child with Cancer’s nutritional needs appropriately.

St Joseph Home Family and Fun Day

3 December 2011

LFCT hosted a Fun and Family Day for all our Little Fighters, Families, Supporters and Sponsors at St Joseph’s Home.

From early morning to late afternoon, there was much fun to be had with various games, jumping castles, food, drinks, and musicians Les Javan and Rikku Latti. There was also face-painting arts and craft tables, a pop a balloon game, a great lunch, a constant supply of drinks and sweets, and, of course, Santa Clause!

All our Little Fighters received their next year’s school bags and stationary, as well as some clothing, and families received very generous shopping vouchers to carry them through the Festive Season. 

We wish to thank St Joseph’s Home for their hospitality and for accommodating us. A great big thank you to UTI who sponsored most of the activities, food and drinks for the day. Thank you to Eurosteel for putting together the presents handed out by Santa Clause.

We sincerely hope that the Fun and Family Day will continuously be supported by our sponsors as well as attended by our supporters.