Inge Millbank, Lauren Hook (LFCT) Shareen Ferreira Scott (67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day Pietermaritzburg)
The first of our “Share the Warmth” 2018 Hospital Outreaches has been done!
Each winter the Little Fighters Cancer Trust does several winter warmth projects which we have rolled into one this year, and although donations have been very slow in coming in this year and we are hectically busy with restructuring, we will do what we can to share the warmth in as many hospitals as possible.
On Sunday 24th June our wonderful LFCT Representative Lauren Hook, accompanied by Shareen Ferreira Scott (Ambassador – 67 blankets for Nelson Mandela Day Pietermaritzburg), her daughter Erin Scott and Inge Millbank paid a visit to the Paediatric Oncology Ward of Greys’ Hospital in Pietermaritzburg to distribute warm winter blankets and some other goodies.
Each child in the ward received a lovely snuggly warm blanket to fend off the cold – these Little Fighters get REALLY cold due to the treatments they undergo for their cancer, as well as due to impaired immune systems, so they really need to keep warm at all times.
Each mother – who spends weeks, sometimes months at a time in the hospital with her child, generally sitting in a chair at their bedside and more often than not sleeping in that chair too – also received a lovely blanket to keep them warm during their bedside vigil.
Some lovely warm knitted scarves were also handed over, and received with much gratitude.

As can be seen by the photos above, there was great excitement and smiles abounded (as there always are whenever Lauren is espied, as they know already that she always brings them lovely goodies).
All the Little Fighters as well as their mommies were thrilled with the lovely warm blankets that were made with so much love, and the ladies that accompanied Lauren said that it “was a very emotional and rewarding day.”
The Little Fighters Cancer Trust would like to send out a huge thank you to Shareen from 67 blankets for Nelson Mandela Day Pietermaritzburg for contacting us and facilitating the blanket donations as well as for accompanying Lauren on the LFCT Share the Warmth 2018 Outreach so that they could see first-hand what LFCT does and the joy these warm blankets bring.
Thank you also to all the ladies who sit knitting and crocheting throughout the year – your blankets bring warmth and joy to SO many <3 – and without you this would not have been possible!


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