breakfastWould YOU send YOUR child to school with only THIS in her stomach?

Well, this was what one of our Little Fighters had for breakfast yesterday because it was all that was in the house to eat and she had to have SOMETHING in her stomach before going to write exams.

On Friday we posted on our Facebook Page about an  SMS received the previous evening from a grandmother who is looking after her grandchild who has Cancer  (translated into English and edited to make it understandable)

Hi Mandie, I hope things are good on that side. Things are not that good on this side – we are struggling to keep our heads above water with food; can LFCT please help us. (Child’s name) and I had to go to (Hospital Name Removed) yesterday and again today and the transport cost us R600. We only have enough food left for tonight. Please help us.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust is really struggling with funding at the moment as there is SO MUCH need and so many ways that the money that we do get needs to be spent, especially in winter when our Little Fighters need warm clothing and shoes, and we still have our monthly shopping to do and deliver and our pantry is really bare at the moment.

Fortunately we managed to gather some things and delivered a month’s worth of groceries, blankets, shoes for the children, toys, toiletries, cleaning materials…and right on top of the biggest box, a huge pack of pink and white marshmallows, because we work with children, after all, and we knew that those little eyes would be frantically searching the content of those boxes when opened after we left.

Our Team also put together some fresh bread, margarine, eggs, sandwich spreads and fruit in a carrier bag for quick easy access, knowing that nobody in that home had eaten anything yet that day, so they could at least have a lovely sandwich and fruit to eat immediately without having to wait for something to be cooked.

Getting back to the photo of niknaks on dry bread at the beginning of this article – below is the message (translated) we received with that photo – from a single mother who cannot work because she needs to stay at home to care for her child who has an extremely aggressive cancer, and who needs to go for treatment, surgery, hospital and doctors visits…. and no employer will pay someone a salary if they cannot be at work most of the time.

Good Morning Sweetheart,

I cried so when I read your message on Facebook about how those poor people are struggling. I wish I was in a position to help others.

When one thinks it would be better for your child to rather stay in hospital just so that they can at least have a plate of food it is just not right.

This morning (Child’s Name Removed) had to eat dry bread with Niknaks on before she went to write exams so that she could at least have something in her stomach.

This is really painful for any parent to have to watch, but I remain on my knees for all the Families who are struggling like this.

I had R5 in my purse this morning, but when I dropped her off at school and wanted to give it to her she told me to rather keep it for a packet of chips and a lollipop for this afternoon.

I wish I had a job so that I could provide for my children…

I told her that she must write well, and that it will get better soon, and that there are a lot of people who do not even have that packet of Niknaks.

Have a nice week and strength with all the families

Prices, including food prices, have gone crazy in South Africa and it is nigh impossible for the average family to eat healthily, and for a family where there is a Child with Cancer it IS impossible!!

Our Little Fighters need to eat nutritional food to counteract the aggressive treatment that they have to undergo and to help keep their immune systems working in order to fight the cancer they are battling and they really should not have to fight hunger pangs as well.

LFCT is currently supporting 60 families of Children with Cancer who are on ACTIVE TREATMENT with regular monthly support with groceries because they do not have food in the home. These are single-parent families, grandparent-run families, one-income families due to one parent having had to leave their employment to take care of paraplegic or terminal Children with Cancer.


If you can’t feed a hundred people,
Then feed just one.
~Mother Teresa~


non perishablesThis was the SUM TOTAL of LFCT’s non-perishable food stock, even before we packed for Friday’s Family.

We have since managed to get food to the granny and her family as well as to the single mother and her family, but now there really is NOTHING left in our non-perishable pantry and we DESPERATELY need YOUR HELP!

We know that our Families will only ask for help like these two did when things are really desperate; they are all so appreciative of whatever they are gifted and they know how to make whatever they get last a REALLY long time.

If you can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated, especially now when it is cold and these children need decent food to keep warm and keep them healthy as even the slightest sniffle can mean major health problems for a Child with Cancer.

There are a few ways in which you can help:

Food Drive

foodOrganise a Food Drive at your work, school, neighbourhood, church, etc. You can find a list of non-perishables we need on our Wishlist Page under Feeding Our Families.

Please email or call 073 729 6155 if you or your company would like to host a food drive for LFCT.


Donate Non-Perishable Food

Feeding Our Families-Shopping_cart_with_food_clip_art_2.svgIf you would like to make a personal donation of non-perishables, we are busy setting up drop-off points in various areas so that the food donated in that area can get to the families in that area without delay.

Please email or call 073 729 6155 for information regarding your nearest drop-off point.


Financial Donation for Perishable Food

perishablesIf you would like make a financial donation, this will also be gratefully appreciated as we also need money so that we can top up each non-perishable delivery we make to our Families with fresh produce such as meat, vegetables, fruit, bread and dairy.

You can donate money directly into the Trust’s Bank Account or make a donation via Paypal. Our banking details are below:


Bank Details:

Account Holder: Little Fighters Cancer Organization
Bank: FNB Paarl Mall
Account No: 62277783249
Branch code: 250057
Swift code for international donations: FIRNZAJJ
Trust Reg No: IT2817/2010
Reference: “Food”


 PayPal – Donations



Please use the reference, “FOOD” so that we know how to allocate your donation.


child without breakfast



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