Emma FourieWith the very kind sponsorship by PnP IS Department, we are able to provide a wholesome, balanced cooked meal for every parent in Red Cross Paediatric Oncology Ward every weekday from today until the end of February, 2014, but, not limited to this time frame.

This long term partnership between LFCT, PnP IS and our Volunteers, who will be doing the collection and deliveries each day, will ensure that every bedside care taker in G1 has food while they stay with their child in hospital.

For many of the parents, who are often next to their child’s bed for months on end, this is their only meal for the day.

LFCT would love to be able to extend the Emma Fourie Lunch with love Project to other Paediatric Oncology Wards across the country, as the hospitals can only take care of the nutritional needs of their patients, and not the family members with the patient, there to offer comfort and care during treatment periods, which is terrifying and traumatic in itself.

However, we will need long term commitments from Partners to make this a reality. We will not fan the flames of hope only for short term relief. This means far too much to the many parents who benefit from this project.

This project is dedicated in loving memory of Little Fighter
Emma Fourie  ^03/01/2004- 30/01/2013^

Financial contributions are accepted toward this project, to enable us to liaise between the various role players and facilitate the distribution process.

For more information on how you can help extend the Emma Fourie Lunch with love Project to a hospital ward near you, please contact LFCT’s Project Manager

Below, a few responses from parents in Red Cross Paediatric Oncology, currently receiving a lovely, warm cooked lunch daily:

 My little boy Munro has been at Red Cross G1 fighting lymphoma for the better part of the last 4 months. He turned 7yrs in High Care. We are from PE and it has been so difficult to be away from my other 2 little boys but my place has been at Munro’s bedside.

I just wanted to express how grateful I have been to receive a lovely cooked meal every day! It made all the difference. As sick and weak as Munro was in those first weeks, each day, through the doorway, he would see the ladies arriving to deliver meals, and say to me “Look Mommy! It’s Little Fighters!” Even he knew how much it meant to me! From the bottom of my heart, Thank You all!”
~Beverley Ralph Douglass~


My son Gareth was diagnosed with leukaemia almost two months ago. We were obviously devastated and struggled to deal with the prospect of our seven year old going through months of chemo to keep him alive.

Many hard days and nights were made easier by the huge support we have received by friends and family.

Through the eye of our storms the last thing on your mind was food. In crisis you just get on with it.

Your very kind assistance with food really is appreciated by all. Often I see the ladies that have come from far to be with their children and have no family or support, really look forward to the meal.

Thank you all so much. I wish you all well and many blessings for your kind actions.

Warm regards, “

Dear LFCT,

Alexia went for her final bone marrow biopsy on the 7th of Aug this year at Red Cross Hospital.
We had not been there in over a year yet Alexia did not want to go inside. She knew that whatever was awaiting her was not going to be pleasant. This was heart-breaking for us.

After she was sedated my husband went in search of something to eat (we didn’t want to eat while she was awake as she was nil per mouth).

Glen came back with nothing as the cafeteria had nothing but hot chips to sell. Much to our delight two angels delivered lasagne & fresh salad. This was delicious!!

We asked who to thank & learnt that LFCT and sponsors had generously donated the lunches. There are many moms who cannot afford a good healthy lunch and I am sure they are extremely grateful. I could tell when their eyes lit up when they saw the white Styrofoam containers containing the manna from heaven.

It costs a fortune to buy food every day and I know many of the parents cannot afford it (I am one of them).

A heartfelt thank you to all involved!!”
~Jacqui Van Der Venter~

My daughter, Rochelle Momberg (13 at the time) was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma Leukemia on 13 January 2013. We are from Port Elizabeth and her treatment required that we had to go to Cape Town ( Red Cross Children’s Hospital) for 6 months!

During the time that Rochelle and I spent in hospital we had the pleasure in meeting the team from LFCT…what a blessing for us! Being a single parent and raising my two kids on my own, this was a very difficult time for us..( I had to give up my job and my house )..also having a lot of pride in me and will never asked for anything, LFCT supported us in bringing parcels to hospital which really helped a lot, as we had to pack and leave PE within a day of notice that we are going to Cape Town, and not once, I had to asked for anything, their loving, reaching out hands, were always there and available…thank you very much!!!

Further on, they made special days, like Mother’s day, also very special, by having a nice lunch for us, and spoiling the mothers and even Rochelle and the other kids, with lots of gifts!

Also a big thank you for arranging meals for  all mothers that are 27-7 by their kids bedsides…this really helps a lot, and is so thoughtful! I thank LFCT from the bottom of my heart for all the good deeds!!! “

Vicky Gerber