Ethan  ~ 90 Days in Remission
Ethan ~ 90 Days in Remission


Little Ethan, otherwise known as Ethan “Iron Man” Jacobs,  is now 3 MONTHS Cancer Free, and Little Fighters Cancer Trust celebrates this milestone with Ethan, his mom Gila, dad Riaan and the rest of their family.

Herewith Part 4 of Ethan’s story, as penned by Ethan’s Mom, Gila Jacobs.


20 June 2014

Since I now have time to look back in retrospect and also have become a part of the Little Fighters family, I realise how important and necessary a support structure is when you are forced into this world of oncology. Therefore I want to begin this piece with a big THANK-YOU to LFCT who always tries to lighten the load… no matter what it may be. You guys walk away from your own lives to take a walk with each and every one of the cancer families you meet… truly an awesome way to live!

It also dawned on me that every little bit made a difference and still does. Every kind word, every sms or whatsapp message to ask how things are, every meal that came marching through my front door unannounced. Every package of food sent to hospital with my husband, every visit from family and friends, every organisation that made rounds in the hospital and gave my son a toy or a treat, everything and every little bit of kindness helps when your world is falling apart around you.

This is my thank-you:

To my husband and my partner, you were ALWAYS there… and in every way needed. I never went through one day at hospital without you coming to relieve me. Thank you.

To both our sets of parents, you all did everything you could ALL the time to help us out, washing clothes, sending food, borrowing cars, visiting when you could, listening to our reports on Ethan and most of all understanding this disease with us. Thank you.

To all the Aunties, Uncles, cousins and your respected families who offered prayers, help and support. Thank you.

To my friendship circle, you guys will never know what the listening – just listening – means to me. I found a form of therapy in our chats that cannot be denied. Thank you.

To the congregations and families of people I know where somehow Ethan’s story has reached you… and you prayed for us, or sent Ethan something nice. The mere fact that out there people are carrying you in prayer already makes you feel stronger. Even though I never met you, I am grateful for your compassion. Thank you.

Then, Our Heavenly Father who has literally carried us all through this journey. I know that this is true because some days were really such a blur to me. I’m not sure how I made it through. On other days the exhaustion was so unbearable but the strength was there when I asked for it. Looking back it seems impossible that I juggled admissions, check-ups, spontaneous fevers AND work full-time. How else but by the Grace of God? Thank you Lord.

In conclusion, to our son Ethan; you have portrayed such resilience, acceptance and endurance. You make it all worthwhile, every day! You taught us so many things and you continue to excel as a Cancer Warrior. May God keep his light to shine upon you. Mommy and Daddy thank you for not giving up on us as we will never give up on you. We love you.


 Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

~ Leo Buscaglia ~


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