International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) which was founded in 2002 by Childhood Cancer International (CCI) is celebrated around the world each year on February 15th. CCI – a global network of 171 member organisations in 88 countries including our member organisation is committed to working with its international partners including the World Health Organization, SIOP, and others, towards the global goal of reducing childhood cancer mortality and the elimination of cancer-related pain and suffering.

On September 28, 2018 at the United Nations General Assembly, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced its new global initiative to address the disparity between childhood cancer survival in low-middle versus high-income countries.

Each year, more than 300,000 children ages birth to 19 years are diagnosed with cancer around the world. Approximately 8 in 10 of these children live in low and middle-income countries where their survival rate is often near 20%. This is in stark contrast to high-income countries, where cure rates exceed 80% for many common childhood cancers.

The Target Goal of the WHO Global Childhood Cancer Initiative is to eliminate all pain and suffering of children fighting cancer and achieve at least 60% survival for all children diagnosed with cancer around the world by 2030. This represents an approximate doubling of the current cure rate and will save an additional one million children’s lives over the next decade.

On International Childhood Cancer Day, we stand united to make childhood cancer a national and global child health priority in support of the WHO Global Childhood Cancer Target Goals.

ICCD 2019 campaign focuses on “No More Pain” and “No More Loss” for children with cancer and their families. To achieve this goal, governments, health care providers, industry, parent support groups and society at large must ensure the right to early and proper diagnosis; the right to access life-saving essential medicines; the right to appropriate and quality medical treatments, the right to treatment without pain and suffering and when a cure is not attainable, the right of the child to a pain-free death.

Statistics for Childhood Cancer

  • The global incidence of childhood cancer is increasing.
  • Globally more than 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year, 98% of whom live in middle and lower-income countries.
  • As much as 80% of childhood cancer are diagnosed too late, when treatment is not available or does not exist.
  • 30% of children under 16 years who died in 2015 experienced serious health -related suffering.

There are several ways in which you can play a part in achieving the goal of ICCD.

  1. Educate: The 2018 release of the WHO guide Integrating palliative care and symptom relief into paediatrics has been welcomed by the Board of Trustees of the Childhood Cancer International. You are encouraged to download and share this guide with health care professionals, colleagues, health care planners and managers.
  2. Add a frame to your social media profile: You can raise awareness about the need to reduce cancer and treatment related pain by participating in the #NoMorePain Campaign and using the ICCD Facebook Frames found here.
  3. Please use the hashtags #NoMorePain and #ICD2019 when posting on social media platforms.

Help LFCT to Help our Beneficiaries

Another way to help is to donate to the Little Fighters Cancer Trust so that we can continue to provide our much-needed services to our beneficiaries:

The services LFCT offers are divided into three focus areas.

  • Hospital Ward Support
    • Paediatric Oncology Hospital Ward visits
    • Bags of Hope
    • Mother’s Day gifts
    • Share the Warmth
    • Break the Rules Birthday Bashes
    • Christmas Elf Project
  • Individual and Family Support
    • Family Care Packages
    • Resources permitting:
      • Home & school resources
      • Home repairs (to make home hygienic for child with cancer)
      • Transport costs to and from the hospital/clinic
      • Funeral expenses/support
      • Family support after remission or death
      • Family outings
      • Birthday & anniversary celebrations
      • Facilitating a Little Fighter’s last wish
  • Promoting and advocating Childhood Cancer Awareness
    • The Little Fighters Cancer Trust advocates CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS via:
    • Distributing early warning signs of childhood cancer pamphlets and A1 laminated posters;
    • Via our September Awareness Campaign and various other campaigns; and
    • Offering informative presentations.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust is a registered NPO with PBO Status and a Level 4 B-BEEE Contributor.

Trust Registration No: IT2817/2010
NPO No: 089-376
PBO No: 930037657
Tax Registration No: 1000/881/17/5
VAT Exemption No: 1000/881/17/5

Bank Details

Account Holder: Little Fighters Cancer Trust
Bank: FNB Paarl Mall
Account Type: Business Cheque Account
Account No: 62380183013
Branch Code: 250057
Swift Code for international donations: FIRNZAJJ

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