15 February is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day

Today we think about all the children who are fighting cancer and their families and wish them Love, Light & Healing.

We also remember all our Little Fighters who lost the battle and their Loved Ones and wish them Love, Light & Strength.

early detection

Every year, thousands of children across the globe are diagnosed with cancer, an illness that is life threatening in the majority of cases.  Childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease for children under the age of 15.  Unfortunately, the causes of paediatric cancer are still largely unknown, and although new discoveries are resulting in new treatments, this heartbreaking disease continues to scar families and communities in ways that may never fully heal.

It is up to all of us to ensure that we know the Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer so that the disease can be detected early ~ this will make the chances of Survival jump from about 10% to a WHOPPING 80% – 90%


There are various causes for childhood cancer, including Genetic, Genetic-environmental interaction, Environmental and Lifestyle factors, Ionising Radiation, Non-ionising Radiation, Infections, and Chemical Exposure.

The Gold Awareness Ribbon represents the twelve major types of Childhood Cancers. To read more on these different types of cancers, click HERE.


How YOU can Help

SMS GOLD to 40770 to make a once-off donation of R20 to Little Fighters Cancer Trust, so that we can continue supporting Children with Cancer and their Families

Promote Childhood Cancer Awareness EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR

VOLUNTEER your Services . Click HERE to find out what YOU can do

Make a DONATION to help us spread Childhood Cancer Awareness and support child cancer families


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