Most days I love what I do with the Little Fighters Cancer Trust because although it is tough to deal with Children with Cancer and their Families every day because we see firsthand what they go through, knowing that we are helping take the strain off them even just a little bit is a good feeling.
Today is the kind of day that I hate my job – the kind of day when things are trundling along and one is doing what one does to help our beneficiaries but somewhere deep down there is a feeling that there is a monster lurking in the dark which is going to pounce any minute… and then it does!!!
Around 30 minutes ago I received a WhatsApp message that made my heart drop, my stomach curdle and my eyes tear up…


Our Teen Warrior Kyle Adams – who has already been through SO much after being diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in 2016 and has gone through treatment, more than one operation, had his leg amputated and seemed to just be coming right as he started senior school this year – is yet again facing enormous odds.
Kyle was rushed to hospital last Friday in terrible pain – doctors found that his stump was infected –  he was put on morphine for the pain and x-rays ordered to investigate a new lump on his shoulder.
Earlier today Kyle’s doctors told his family that his cancer has returned, and as it unfortunately so often happens, it has returned far more aggressive.
The cancer has now spread to Kyle’s left lung, his right shoulder, both of his hips, to his spine and coccyx, as well as one of his kidneys.
Doctors are waiting for the Oncology Professor to give them some idea as to the way forward – for now they are just going to concentrate on continuing to relieve Kyle’s pain.
Please keep Kyle and his Family in your hearts and your prayers.


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