It is with overwhelming sadness and aching hearts that today we have to share with you the heartbreaking news that Teen Fighter Kyle Adams earned his Angel Wings last night, 25th November, 2018.
Rest in Peace, Kyle ^Forever 14^
Kyle Adams was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in 2016 and went through harsh treatment, more than one operation, and had his leg amputated and was eventually fitted with a prosthetic leg.
Kyle fought bravely and won his fight – he was always there with a smile and won the hearts of many of our LFCT Family – he was also an ambassador for LFCT and helped out various times, including helping to deliver Mothers’ Day presents to all the mommies in Tygerberg Hospital, where he was receiving treatment, in 2017.

Last year Kyle met one of his heroes, renowned singer and kickboxing fundi, Garth Taylor, who has competed in two White Collar Boxing tournaments to raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

Kyle sent Garth a wonderful message before the fight and expressed a wish to meet him and to see him perform in Cape Town at some stage. While he may not have seen Garth perform, he did get his wish to meet Garth on 21st September when LFCT took Kyle and his mommy to visit to the Castle of Good Hope (a first for Kyle), where they were met by Garth, and then went on to lunch at the V&A Waterfront.
Garth gave Kyle the medal he had won for his fight in honour of the great Warrior that Kyle was, and he was SO proud that he wore it all day… we think he even went to sleep with it on.

Kyle seemed to just be coming right as he started senior school this year with great hope for the future and we were all pulling for him and hoping that things would now go his way and that this wonderful, friendly, outgoing young man could look forward to a bright future.
Unfortunately in March things took a turn and Kyle was rushed to hospital in terrible pain – doctors found that his stump was infected – he was put on morphine for the pain and x-rays ordered to investigate a new lump on his shoulder.
Kyle’s doctors told his family that his cancer had returned, and as it unfortunately so often happens, it had returned far more aggressive. The cancer had spread to Kyle’s left lung, his right shoulder, both of his hips, to his spine and coccyx, as well as one of his kidneys.
About 3 months ago it was decided to stop all chemotherapy treatment and to just let Kyle enjoy his time at home without all of the horrific side-effects of the treatment.
I spoke to Clyde yesterday and asked after Kyle and was told that he was doing OK except for a sore on his leg and that he was not feeling well due to the antibiotics he was on for the infection, but that they were just taking it day by day – little did either of us know what would happen later…

Our deepest condolences go out to Kyle’s Mommy Samantha, Daddy Clyde, younger sister Payton and all other Loved Ones.



Forever in Our Hearts

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