4a4ed6298c29c3b7453ad401e50f963dTake a minute and ask yourself “How do I cope with really bad news or tough times?”

As adults, we might talk to our friends, go on a shopping spree, eat more than we should or even run away from it completely.
But children are different…
Where children are very lucky is that they are young and innocent and still firmly believe in the magic of fairy-tales and make-believe worlds, which is why it is so important that children are kept busy with fun games and activities.
These games and activities should be age-appropriate and can include playing with play-dough (to which you can add scented herbs or oils), playing hide-and-seek or turning the oncology ward into Hogwarts or a Princess’s castle….

Playing Video Games

Re-Mission 2 games are based on scientific research and designed with input from young cancer patients.
Each game puts players inside the human body to fight cancer with an arsenal of weapons and super-powers, like chemotherapy, antibiotics and the body’s natural defenses , of course, always a hit with most children in this technological age, and the free Re-Mission 2 games provide cancer support for children and young adults, helping them take on the fight of their lives.
remission2 poster
Based on scientific research, the games provide cancer support by giving players a sense of power and control and encouraging treatment adherence.
Re-Mission 2 shifts players’ attitudes and boosts positive emotions and feelings of self-efficacy, which supports better treatment adherence. Each game puts players inside the human body to fight cancer with an arsenal of weapons and super-powers, like chemotherapy, antibiotics and the body’s natural defenses. The game play parallels real-world strategies used to successfully destroy cancer and win.
All six Re-Mission 2 games can be played online for free. The Re-Mission 2: Nanobot’s Revenge mobile app is also free.
Now kids can take the fight against cancer on the go. The app is easy to install on smartphones and tablets:

  • Go to Google Play(Android) or the App Store(iOS)
  • Search for “Re-Mission”
  • Select the icon for the Re-Mission 2: Nanobot’s Revenge app, then click “Install”
  • Open the app, play the game, and help kids fight cancer!


World of Hope

Some very special children at Dayton Children’s give us a special glimpse into the world of a child fighting cancer and how imagination and joy help them  through their treatments.
As they take you on a journey through their “World of Hope”, these courageous fighters show us the importance of imagination, play, joy and hope for children–even more so in the face of fighting scary things like cancer. In their World of Hope, you will see courageous kids magically transform into cowboys chasing bandits, princesses with spell potions and astronauts heading into space for healing.

Kids with cancer in “The World of Hope” – Pediatric cancer care at Dayton Children’s Hospital Published on Nov 27, 2012

“When kids hear bad news like “you have cancer,” they often cope with positive attitudes and vivid imaginations that help them to deal with all the scary stuff. In fact, many times kids are even stronger than us grownups and here at Dayton Children’s, these little heroes are everywhere.
Every year at Dayton Children’s, we see kids facing the scariest of diagnoses – cancer. And yet every year we see them battle against it in the most inspiring ways.
They fight it with amazing courage and strength because these little heroes live in the “World of Hope.”
So today in this season of giving, come with us to this magical place where you will meet these amazing heroes from our community”- Dayton Children’s. 
Thank you to these very courageous kids and the staff at Dayton Children’s for your beautiful video and for inviting us into your “World of Hope”.

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