A fresh new year is once again almost upon us and it is the time to reflect on and be thankful for the blessings of the past year and to take stock of all our achievements.
While the Little Fighters Cancer Trust has had some road-bumps along the way, the Team has risen to the challenge and kept on going no matter what…
Despite the challenges, we persevered and did achieve a lot over the past year….
We had Good Times & Bad; we Moved and then Moved Again; we had Parties and Giftings; we had Mother’s Day and Easter and Get WRAPPED and Pizza Parties; we had Blossoms, Funky Frogs & Princes, Princesses and Superheroes; we had Kargo & the Fire Department; we had Art Exhibitions and Awareness Drives; we had Dance Competitions and Paint Parties; we had a Photographic Fundraising Event and a Golf Day;  we fought Cancer (and had also some great professionals fight for us); we Kicked Cancer’s Butt and Cancer Kicked our Butts :'(
Many things changed during 2017, and even though we crawled a few times, we were never counted out; and even though we go into 2018 with a few changes the main thing that remains constant is Team LFCT’s Commitment to Children with Cancer & their Families!

Looking back over what has happened in 2017….

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Team Little Fighters Cancer Trust would just once again like to Thank all our Sponsors, Donors, Friends, Supporters, Ambassadors, Representatives, and Volunteers for everything that you have done towards making LFCT the great organisation that it is ~ with the ability to perform little miracles for ALL Children with Cancer, including the most vulnerable Little Fighters and their Families – Without YOU we could do NONE of this!!!

2018 is a brand new year to start afresh and yet another chance to start strong, to do everything we wanted to do this year plus some great new initiatives that we are planning.
2018 is the time to say “Bugger YOU, Childhood Cancer!” and to make a noise in South Africa the likes of which has never been heard before – we cannot just continue fighting on our own – it is TIME that Government brought its side… and Corporate!!
SO all that is left to say then is


 Bring it ON!!


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