Yesterday we gave you some important information about e’Pap, a revolutionary nutrient-loaded porridge that was created to cater to the feeding needs of HIV patients and babies.

Nutrient content in fruit and vegetables has dropped up to 76% over the past 50 years in the USA and Europe. Proof that modern intensive agriculture practices create the problem. The result is a global crisis of mass starvation of micro-nutrients in communities both rich and poor.

Such is the success of e’Pap in improving nutrition, energy and productivity for those who consume it, that up to two million servings a month of e’Pap are distributed in Africa.

e’Pap could be the answer for Children with Cancer – it is full of vitamins, cheap, and easy-to-make; it does not even require cooking so is suitable for use in even the remotest rural areas.

The main ingredients in e’Pap–wholegrain maize and soybean–are rich in natural nutrients such as Omega fatty acids. The added minerals and vitamins that fortify e’Pap are used to maximise biological absorption to the body. Additives are sourced from the leading international nutritional technology companies.

The e’Pap porridge powder is simply mixed with clean cool or warm water and the meal is ready. No cooking means no electricity, firewood or other fuel is required.

Alternatively the porridge powder can be mixed with milk, fermented milk, fruit juice or made into a e’Smoothie health drink with fruit, yoghurt, honey, nuts, etc. according to taste.

Watch the following HOW-TO VIDEOS, for quick and easy steps to make your e’Pap breakfast, an e’Pap Sandwich, e’Pap Flapjacks, and an e’Pap Smoothie in just 2 minutes!

How To Make e’Pap – it’s not just a porridge!


How To Make an e’Pap Sandwich – delicious, nutritious peanut butter!


How To Make An e’Pap Smoothie in just 2 minutes!


How To Make e’Pap Flapjacks – quick, nutritious & easy to prepare!

We are sure that your Little Fighter will enjoy the above recipes and they are good for them!

Remember that e’Pap is not only for children, so grab some for yourself too – you cannot care for your sick child if you are not in the best shape yourself!

Where to find e’Pap in your Country

Click on THIS LINK to find out where you can obtain e’Pap

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