One of the biggest stressors in a childhood cancer-affected family is financial stress!

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, apart from the stress that the family has to deal with regarding the fact that their child is ill with a dread-disease, they also have to face the enormous cost of cancer treatment, even if they are treated at a state facility.

Cancer care is expensive, and financial hardship is a toxic side effect that the entire family has to deal with.

While those parents whose children are treated at a government hospital may not have to pay for the treatment, or just pay a portion of the bill, there are extraneous costs attached to a childhood cancer diagnosis such as travel costs, special dietary requirements, hospital clothes, extra bedding, nappies, cell phone costs, and much more.

Even those parents who are lucky enough to have medical aid (only around 16% of the population of South Africa have medical aid cover) struggle because of the exorbitant costs of the cancer treatments and various other services.  

Many medical schemes refuse to pay for cancer medication because of the high cost, and this then falls to the family to pay. Too often both children with cancer who are covered by medical aid and those who are not go without vital medication and check-ups due to a lack of finances.

Childhood Cancer also cause lost productivity and a sharp dip in the family income, as one of the parents – usually the mother – has to give up working in order to spend time caring for the child. Unlike adult cancer which lasts for around 6 months, childhood cancer is a long journey which can last anything from 6 months to 6 years…

Due to the overall poverty in South Africa, not getting the required medication or treatment spans across all ages and although it is more prevalent in rural blacks, financial difficulties are by no means limited to this sector of the population.

Due to the high unemployment, high cost of living, ridiculously high medical aid rates and current lack of a “Medicaid” equivalent in South Africa, the financial stress of treating cancer is felt by around 80% of those with cancer, including those who have Children with Cancer.

While the Little Fighters Cancer Trust is not in a position to assist with financial help, we do go out of our way to assist our beneficiaries in other ways, such as:

  • Hospital Ward Support
  • Family Care Packages
  • Childhood Cancer Awareness

Please refer to our Projects Page for more information on what all we do.


The Little Fighters Cancer Trust, like all non-profit organisations, needs financial help to be able to do what we do…. While we do attempt to get as much product donated as possible, and to also get sponsors for whatever we can, there is still a need for cold hard cash to enable us to provide all the services we can to our Little Fighters and their Families.

If you or your company would like to make a financial contribution to help us spread our support to even more Little Fighters and their families, we would be MOST grateful.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) with Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) status. This affords private and corporate donors the taxation benefits as set out in Section 18A.

Donors may also claim BBBEE points against the Socio-Economic Development element of the BBBEE scorecard.

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