YAY!!!! Thanks to All of YOU we are in the FINAL THREE!!

JUST because of YOU, we are very proud to confirm, that LFCT is indeed one of the Top Three Final Charity Finalists in the ChaiFM101.9 Charity Radiothon Competition!

The final winner and sole beneficiary of the 2014 Charity Radiothon, will be announced on September 1st.

What an amazing way it would be to kickstart International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month if it was US!

PLEASE follow this link. It will take no more than 30 seconds to fill in the very short online survey, and keep sharing and get all you friends and family to vote for LITTLE FIGHTERS CANCER TRUST!

ChaiFM101.9’s annual Charity Radiothon is an award-winning experience, and over the past 5 years, they have managed to raise over R12 MILLION in total for the charities who got chosen.

This could make a HUGE difference in what we can do for children with cancer and their families. Please help us yet again.

THANK YOU for your amazing and continued Support!

(Don’t forget to keep sharing on Facebook, e-mail and Twitter….. and wherever else you can!)

Here is where you need to vote: Survey Monkey


kid thanx

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