Each year on 4 February, World Cancer Day empowers all of us across the world to show support, raise our collective voice, take personal action and press our governments to do more. World Cancer Day is the only day on the global health calendar where we can all unite and rally under the one banner of cancer in a positive and inspiring way.

The theme for 2019 is #IAmAndIWill

2019 marks the launch of the 3-year ‘I Am and I Will’ campaign. ‘I Am and I Will’ is an empowering call-to-action urging for personal commitment and represents the power of individual action taken now to impact the future.

Whoever you are, you have the power to reduce the impact of cancer for yourself, the people you love and for the world. It’s time to make a personal commitment.

Whoever you are – a cancer survivor, co-worker, a carer, a friend, a leader, healthcare worker, teacher or student – you have the power to take action for a cancer free world.

A 3-year Campaign for Impact

World Cancer Day is an international campaign built to resonate, inspire change and mobilise action long after the day has passed.

A multi-year campaign offers a chance to create long-lasting impact by increasing public-facing exposure and engagement, more opportunities to build global awareness and impact-driven action.

Get involved any way you can. Because together, we can create change.

LFCT’s Commitment

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust (LFCT) strives to relieve some of the heartache and difficulties faced by childhood cancer affected families by:

  • Providing holistic support, ensuring that individuals, families and communities are included.
  •  Treating each child with cancer and their family members as individuals; understanding and respecting the uniqueness of each situation.
  •  The preservation of individual dignity and pride.
  •  Promoting and Advocating National Childhood Cancer Awareness

How You Can Help LFCT

LFCT is a very small organisation and we cannot reach everyone we need to without the help of volunteers throughout South Africa:

The 12 Childhood Cancers
Click on the individual ribbon to read more about that specific cancer

  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

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