The link between emotions and cancer has been a well-documented fact for many years. Several studies have illustrated the overlap between physical and emotional processes in the brain. We also know that mental beliefs have a significant effect on the body’s physical response to treatment. When patients report higher happiness levels and positive beliefs, they fare significantly better than those with less optimistic attitudes.

If positive emotions can aid healing, can negative emotions produce cancer?

There’s a good reason why emotional healing is listed as one of the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy. When negative emotions are left unresolved, they keep the body in a state of chronic stress. Over time, this stress suppresses the immune system and can lead to a number of long-term physical problems, including cancer.

Recently, Dr. Tony had a chance to examine this intricate connection with detoxification expert Dr. Daniel Pompa in an exclusive video interview. Their discussion spanned a range of several useful topics concerning cancer, its causes, and treatments.

Watch the informative replay below to learn:

  • The 7 principles that remove fear and target cancer
  • How identifying past traumas aids healing
  • Why our exposure to new toxins and risk of cancer is increasing
  • The latest breakthroughs in sound and light therapy
  • The technology behind a brand new screening tool with the ability to identify early metastasis

Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of the relationship and interaction between psychological processes and the nervous system and immune function of the human body. In layman’s terms, the study of emotions and cancer (as well as other physical diseases).

A person’s state of mind is a powerful influence on his or her health and therefore on the issue of cancer. Upsets, stress, conflict, hurt, and other negative emotions can play a part leading to the development of cancer. They also offer a pathway for releasing the iron grip that the cancer has on you or someone you love.


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