Over the course of young Dimas Lamp’s nine years of life, he’s gone through some pretty tough times.
Dimas was diagnosed with brain cancer on March 24th, 2017. Dimas had to undergo numerous MRIs, a spinal tap, x-rays, and two brain surgeries.
Dimas was not about to let brain cancer get the better of him though, and this past Saturday at the 10th annual Freedom’s Run, Dimas ran with a purpose: spreading awareness of childhood cancer. He finished with a time of 41 minutes, 54 seconds, proudly crossed the finish line after what he thought was a hard race, especially the hills.
While he didn’t train specifically for Freedom’s Run, Dimas, who is from Shepherdstown, used the local race as preparation for the Every Child 5K on Oct. 20 at Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C.
Dimas is part of the Brain Tumor Trouncers team, and every dollar raised by his team will benefit the neuro-oncology discovery fund, helping brain tumour research at the Children’s National Hospital.

The family noticed that there was something wrong when DIma’s legs would suddenly fall asleep, so they took him to the doctor and received the diagnosis that Dimas had a brain tumour:
I was diagnosed March 2017. I had brain cancer, a tumour in the middle of my head. We only noticed the signs because my legs would fall asleep without me knowing. That’s when we knew. We went and got an X-ray, and I had a tumour in my head,” Dimas explained.
Once the diagnosis was made, the family travelled to Boston, where Dimas received treatment.
“He went to Boston for two months for proton radiation treatment, and then we came back and he was on a year’s worth of chemo,” Marty said.
Dima’s family are very proud of him:
I couldn’t be anymore proud of him. The race is one thing, but I’ve pretty much topped out on proudness just from him,” said Marty Lamp, Dimas’ father. “One year ago, we wouldn’t have thought he’d be doing this.
“I knew he could do it. He runs all the time. After everything he’s been through, a 5K’s like, ‘Go, go, go ahead and do it.’”
Even though Dimas thought the hills were the toughest part of Freedom’s Run, it didn’t compare to things he’s already overcome.
The radiation was very hard to get through,” Dimas laughed, adding the hills weren’t as bad as that. “This is training for the awareness of childhood cancer run,” he added
LFCT wishes this Little Fighter and his fellow Brain Tumor Trouncers everything of the best in their battle against cancer and in their running to raise awareness for child cancer.

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