Brain Cancer Warrior

Amber Larkin and her young 6-year-old son, Noah were having breakfast, chatting and getting ready for the day when suddenly he vomited for no reason. Amber took her son to see the paediatrician just in case, and was told that it was probably just a virus, but Amber was not happy and told the Dr that her son had also complained of a headache. An MRI was scheduled for 8-30 that evening…

Within a matter of 12 hours Amber went from chatting with her son to him having a stomach bug to him being diagnosed with brain cancer… he was operated on at 7 the next morning…

Published on Dec 13, 2013

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Amber Larkin shares how she found herself on a path to cure pediatric cancer, the distance she traveled as the mother of a child with pediatric brain cancer, and the highway of hope she created along the way.

Amber Larkin’s journey into a world where no hope was given for her son, Noah, and countless other children diagnosed with brain cancer, energized her to change the face of paediatric cancer research. She co-founded Noah’s Light Foundation, which supports visionary research to cure paediatric brain cancer and aims to fulfill the promise of adding nearly 70 years to the lives of these children.

Amber’s passion to cure children with brain cancer has taken her all over the United States and to several countries to locate the best researchers in their fields. She hopes to see the end of pediatric cancer within her lifetime, and based on recent evidence, believes she will.

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