Team LFCT is starting to get very excited, but not as excited as Crazy Nomad Jason Doyle and his good friend Tony Visser, who will be starting their epic first of its kind fundraising tour from Johannesburg to Cape Town this coming Friday, 15 December 2018.

They will be doing a Fundraising Ride from Johannesburg to Cape Town (approximately 1 400 kms) on motorised bicycles to raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

The trip will take our riders on the back roads, starting at Melrose Arch, Johannesburg on 15 December 2018 and everyone is invited to witness their send-off which promises to be quite spectacular. Hundreds of Motorcycles from various clubs around Gauteng will escort them out of Johannesburg.

If all goes according to plan, our intrepid riders should arrive in Cape Town on 30 December 2018.

Jason and Tony will be riding motorised bicycles with tiny 60cc engines, which means that they will be doing a LOT of pedaling…

They will be leaving from the Vintage Motorcycle Centre @ Melrose Arch at approximately 9am although they will be there from 7am to chat with well-wishers and do final checks etc.


Below is a map of their route and their approximate itinerary..



Roughly planned route for leaving on 15 December and arriving on 30 December. There are 3 days spare for any problems they might encounter so they will be slightly flexible.

Day 1:        Melrose Arch to Vaal 140 km

Day 2:        Vaal to Hennenman 189 km

Day 3:         Hennenman to Bloemfontein 162-185 km

Day 4:         Bloemfontein to Philippolis 168 km

Day 5:         Philippolis to Neupoort 114 km

Day 6:         Neupoort to Richmond 124 km

Day 7/8:      Richmond to Beaufort West 205 km over two days

Day 9:         Beaufort West to Merweville 130 km

Day 10:       Merweville to Sutherland 104 km

Day 11/12:  Sutherland to Ceres 3 routes 196-249 km over 2 days

Day 13:       Ceres to Klapmuts 75 km

Day 14:       Klapmuts to Cape Town 47 km


There will be a Grand Welcome in Cape Town – details to be given later – hopefully with a few surprises….

Jason and Tony will then spend another week in Cape Town trying to raise as much funds as possible for our Little Fighters.

LFCT will be updating you on a daily basis with details and photos and hopefully even some video supplied by our intrepid adventurers.


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