Children may not experience the same brain tumour side effects and symptoms as adults.
Because their brains and bodies are still growing, they may experience symptoms and side effects that are unique to their age and stage of development.
Children, adolescents and young adults with brain tumors generally experience various side-effects from brain cancer, including Physical Side Effects, Eating and Nutrition Issues, Changes in Physical Appearance, Cognitive and Emotional Side Effects, as well as Long-Term or Late Effects.
Neurocognitive problems are an unfortunate potential side effect of childhood brain tumours. These can vary widely, and can affect intellectual ability, academic achievement, memory and attention.
Potential problems can be assessed by a pediatric neuro-psychologist who can help determine the types of issues that need to be addressed and their treatments.

For those children who experience problems with cognitive function, struggle to pay attention, experience memory problems and struggle with their schoolwork, there are various methods of coping and improving brain function, including Brain Games.

The above session describes and discusses the use of computerized brain training to treat disorders of cognitive function and deficit areas in attention, working memory, and processing efficiency.


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