This year, 2020, is a Leap Year, which means that you have until 29 February to ensure that you get a tax benefit from making a donation to an approved non-profit organisation.

What is an 18A Tax Benefit?

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust (LFCT) is registered as a Section 18A Public Benefit Organisation (PBO number 930 037 657). This means that LFCT is authorised by SARS to issue its donors with a Section 18A tax certificate/receipt upon request. This will allow you as a donor to claim your donations as a tax deduction.

In other words, as a donor, you are able to assist LFCT help Children with Cancer and their Families and obtain a tax benefit in doing so. Read about how your donation will be spent HERE.

How Does It Work?

Donors can obtain a tax deduction (limited to 10% of their taxable income in a fiscal year) in respect of the total donations made to approved organisations such as LFCT. In order to benefit, the donation must be supported by an 18A receipt from LFCT.

How Do I Claim?

In order to receive this benefit, you must:

  • Make a contribution to LFCT
  • Claim a Section 18A certificate by e-mailing Proof of Payment to
  • Provide the following information required for the 18A Certificate:
    • Name of Donor
    • VAT Registration Number or SA ID Number
    • Telephone Number
    • Email Address
    • Physical Address
    • Nature of Donation
    • Date of Donation
  • LFCT will e-mail you an 18A Tax Certificate which you can use when filing your tax return to claim your deduction as a tax benefit

By donating to LFCT you will not only help us to give direly-needed assistance to the most vulnerable of our citizens, but can also claim a tax benefit for your contributions!

Read More about Tax deductible donations HERE

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