The video below is dedicated to all of our Little Fighters and their families on this International Child Cancer Awareness Day


Quick Childhood Cancer Facts

Less than 33% of childhood cancer cases in South Africa are diagnosed annually.

* The number of children diagnosed with cancer in South Africa every year is around 600-700. In other words, up to 1400 children lose their fight against cancer annually, without ever being given the chance to fight the disease ~ if a  child is not diagnosed he or she does not have any chance of treatment.

* 70% of ALL childhood cancers are 100% curable IF diagnosed in time.

* Too many children who are diagnosed with cancer, are diagnosed in the later stages of cancer.

This results in one of two scenarios:

1) There are no more treatment options available to the child

2) Treatment has to be aggressive and might be needed for much longer than if the child was diagnosed in earlier stages. This results in more  physical and emotional trauma for the child with cancer, and more emotional, social and financial trauma for the child’s family.


* South Africa shares the Developing World’s childhood cancer statistics, which draws a dramatic 80% – 20% comparison between the childhood cancer survival rates between Developed Countries and Developing Countries. The lesser percentile being applicable for Developing Countries, which includes SA.

* There are 12 major types of childhood cancer. Please familiarise yourself with these by following this link

* Childhood Cancer Awareness is about knowing the Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer. Do YOU know what these are? If you know a child, you should. Find the Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer here.

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