Oncology Nursing Month, celebrated the entire month of May, is a chance to recognize the outstanding contributions of oncology nurses.
The official theme selected for 2017 is: FEARLESS COMMITMENT; ENDLESS COMPASSION.
Oncology Nurses explain the diagnosis, guide patients through treatment, celebrate their victories, and comfort them through the unimaginable. No matter what, they provide fearless commitment and endless compassion to their patients every day. That’s why we celebrate the oncology nurse this month.
Oncology nurses, and especially Paediatric Oncology Nurses, provide steadfast and selfless care for their patients. Individuals who are diagnosed with cancer, as well as the parents of Children with Cancer, naturally go through a wide range of emotions; they may feel confused, angry, afraid or just numb, and they may wonder how others find the strength to remain positive through all the obstacles that come with the diagnosis.
Oncology nurses are at the heart of what it means to support, care for, educate and counsel those who have been diagnosed with cancer and their families:

  • Oncology nurses serve as patient advocates and educators to patients and their families.
  • They teach them about potential adverse reactions of medications and help manage symptoms and side effects.
  • They bolster patients’ support system by providing community resources.
  • They guide patients and their families through the cancer experience with professional, quality, and compassionate care.


The Little Fighters Cancer Trust would like to say a huge Thank You to all Oncology Nurses for the selfless care that they provide. Thank You for the loving care you provide for our Little Fighters and their Families; Thank You for always being there; Thank You for being the special, compassionate souls you are.


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