Carina Bruwer, SAMA award-winning musician and distance swimmer, swims the Bonifacio Straits and a Messina Straits Quadruple in support of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

An in-depth interview with Carina Bruwer Pugliese, open-water swimmer extreme and musician extraordinaire of Sterling EQ, about why she supports Little Fighters Cancer Trust and does the Swim for Hope challenges.

Please take a few minutes to view some of her Italian swims and get an insight into what such a challenge entails.


Little Fighters Cancer Trust once again sends out a huge hug of thanks to Carina and support crew for everything that it takes to set up and do a swim of this magnitude and congratulates Carina on all her accomplished and record-breaking Swims for Hope.

Please support Carina in her efforts to raise Childhood Cancer Awareness and funding for Little Fighters Cancer Trust by donating at Just Giving


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