R100 noteCan YOU Spare R100 per Month?

Let’s face it, R100 does not buy much in South Africa any more, and with the price of goods, including food and transport, rising dramatically every week, soon it will buy even less…

Imagine then, a family in which there is only one breadwinner and who has a Child with Cancer to support…

Now it is difficult to raise children and ensure that they get everything that they need to grow up healthy and get a good education at the best of times, but having a Child with cancer in the home stretches that difficulty enormously and places untold stress on the parents.

Many families with a Child with Cancer end up having to sell their homes, or lose their rented homes due to the high cost of cancer because they cannot make it on just one income, and this has a devastating affect on the Child with Cancer and on the rest of the family. It is just not right that a family is “punished” because they are not rich and cannot afford to pay all of the expenses that this disease brings… and unfortunately it is often those who can least afford it who have to deal with this scourge.

Look around at your family and then imagine…

One of you can no longer work because your child has been diagnosed with cancer and basically needs constant care and companionship from a loving parent;

You are faced with additional medical costs for specialised treatments, medicine and possibly even medical equipment such as a special bed, a wheelchair, etc.;

You are faced with the additional cost of purchasing specific, carcinogenic-free, highly nutritional foodstuffs as well as nutritional supplements;

pill-bottle-with-money-laying-flatYou now need to find transport money to get your Child with Cancer to the hospital or clinic and back to receive treatments;

You have to find the money somewhere to pay for the mounting medical bills – even if your child is being treated at a government hospital, there are still heavy medical bills involved where Childhood Cancer is concerned;

You also need to find money for accommodation for one parent (usually the mother) for when the child is in hospital, sometimes for months on end, as you cannot leave a child on their own at this time (these stays also include other costs such as airtime to stay in touch with the rest of the family, toiletries and food);

Now add to this the stress of not seeing your family, of struggling to give sufficient time to your other children, of birthdays and other celebrations (for which there is no money), of the constant caring for a very ill little child, and all the other stress that such an illness places on the WHOLE family.

Debt-StressAdd to this the fact that unfortunately many fathers cannot handle the stress and walk out on their family during this period, and you can just imagine what the mother is then left to face alone… it is NOT FAIR!!!

Of all the stresses that Child Cancer brings, FINANCIAL STRESS is the biggest, and one which no family facing the horrors of Childhood Cancer should have to deal with. None of us can do anything to help these families medically, but THIS we can help with!

Helping a family who has a Child with Cancer maintain that family and retain their dignity is very important and THIS we can help with by not putting them in a position where they have to worry about where the next meal is coming from , or that they cannot afford adult nappies for a child who is incontinent, or cannot take their child to the hospital or clinic for a lack of transport money – THIS is something that WE ALL can help with!

Just to give you an idea of what the Little Fighters Cancer Trust are faced with, apart from all the Projects that we handle throughout the year, here are some of the requests for assistance that we are facing JUST THIS WEEK:

We have one Family with 5 children, one of whom has cancer, where the dad recently walked out – this family is in desperate need of food, a matric farewell dress, electricity, clothing and money to get to and from hospital;

We have 6 Little Fighters needing Pediasure Nutritional Supplement to keep them strong through winter as their immune systems are impeded from their cancer treatments and any slight cold could spell disaster;

We have a Family in Stellenbosch where the mother was recently retrenched and now only has work two days a week, from which she has to pay a babysitter for those two days. This family is in desperate need of food, toiletries, cleaning materials, diapers, and warm clothes;

Feeding Our Families-Shopping_cart_with_food_clip_art_2.svgWe have 6 more Families in the Cape Town area who urgently require support with groceries;

One Family in Beaufort West needs groceries, diapers and baby products;

Four Families in Kwazulu Natal (one of which has a child with terminal cancer) need groceries;

Johannesburg and Pretoria Families, also in need of groceries, as well as transport money to and from hospital;

Another Family is on the verge of having their electricity cut off completely due to their account being in arrears because the mother had to leave her job when the child was diagnosed, and there is just not enough money to cover the electricity bill AND all the extra medical expenses, with one less income;

We have four Granny-Supported Families, who need assistance with just about everything, as they only receive their own and the child’s social grants, which is not much at all.

We have another Little Fighter who can hardly see, and who desperately needs to go to the optometrist to get spectacles.

Cash Donations

While we do get some products donated, for which we are very grateful, we need cash donations so that we can transfer money to these families for things like:

Accommodation during hospital stays;

Petrol or transport costs to get to hospitals/clinics and back for the Child with Cancer as well as the Carer (usually the mother);

Pre-Pay-MeterElectricity – many of these families are on prepaid electricity so when it runs out they are left with none and this is very dangerous for the health of a Child with Cancer, especially if they live in the rural areas without all the modern comforts and leaky homes;

FRESH nutritional groceries such as fresh vegetables, meat, fruit, etc. to build the Child with Cancer’s Immune System;

Extraordinary needs such as wheelchairs, special beds, nebulisers, and other medical equipment;

And much, much more…


How much can R100 buy you in the supermarket? By my count it can buy around 4 litres of milk, 2 loaves of bread, and maybe, if you are very lucky, a tiny packet of mince or chicken pieces…

How much can R100 do to help our Little Fighters and their Families? LFCT has in excess of 10, 000 followers… if just 20% of our followers donate R100 per month we would have R200 000 every month, which would go just SOME of the way towards helping these families.

PLEASE take FIVE MINUTES and organise a debit order on your bank account for R100 per month for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust – you WILL NOT miss that money, I promise, and you will be doing SO MUCH for those who desperately need it.

Don’t sit back and think, “Oh someone else will help…” because the problem is that everyone thinks the same, so in the end nobody actually helps…


Banking Details 

Little Fighters Cancer Organization
First National Bank
Paarl Mall
Account Number: 62277783249
Branch Code: 250057
Reference: R100 Club


We would SO much rather post stories about families that are being helped, and Children with Cancer who are getting better with the help of all of YOU than constantly posting requests begging for money to do what we would rather be doing than fundraising – actually providing the SUPPORT that Children with Cancer and their Families so desperately need and BEING the VOICE of Childhood Cancer Awareness in South Africa so that more children are diagnosed earlier and can therefore get help and recover quicker.


Corporate Investment

If you think that your company would be interested in making a donation, please email mandie@littlefighters.org.za and we will send you all you need to forward an introductory email with a donations request to the head of the Company you work for or to any other business contacts you have, to pave the way for us to be able to cover the above-mentioned, AND MORE.

If you need a Section 18A tax certificate or B-BEEE documentation, please make sure we get your proof of payment as well as details, so that we can send you the necessary.


kids cant fight cancer alone

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