Folks there are lots of articles being shared on the internet saying that Dandelion Tea is a miracle cure that can cure cancer in 2 days….
One of our Facebook Supporters inboxed me the link to one of these articles, and as always, I thanked them and said that I would look into it.
Each and every article we post here is thoroughly researched on various reputable websites so that we can be sure that the information that we are disseminating here is legit and also applies to Childhood Cancer, which is VERY different to Adult Cancer.
As far as the claim that Dandelion Tea is a miracle cure that can cure cancer in 2 days goes, according to my research – There is no medical proof!!!

Dandelion Root, also commonly known as Blowball, Puffball, Lion’s tooth, Pu gong ying, Swine snout, and Wild endive, has used in traditional medicine to treat many ailments for many years, but it has not been shown to treat or prevent cancer.
Dandelion root isn’t exactly new to anyone familiar with traditional Chinese medicine or even traditional Native American medicine, but suggestions that dandelion root extract could help prevent or even cure cancer have piqued the interest of those fighting cancer. Theoretically, considering cancer is caused by free radicals, dandelion should help as an antioxidant agent.
While many studies have been conducted in vitro, that is on cells isolated from the body and tested under controlled conditions in the laboratory, or on animals, and show positive results, even that dandelion can kill certain bacteria and other microbes.
It was also found to have anticancer properties in various cancer cells, however, there haven’t been any studies conducted on humans or human trials.
Dandelion has oestrogenic activity and therefore may increase the growth of hormone-sensitive cancer cells. Dandelion can also promote urination.

Purported Uses

  • To treat Cancer – Laboratory studies have shown dandelion to have anticancer properties, but clinical studies have not shown this effect in humans.
  • To treat Diabetes – Laboratory studies have shown dandelion to lower blood sugar, however no clinical studies have evaluated its effects in diabetic humans.
  • To stimulate Lactation – Dandelion is used in Chinese medicine to promote lactation. Scientific evidence to support this use is lacking.
  • To treat Jaundice and other Liver Diseases – There are no studies to evaluate this use.
  • To promote Urination – Extracts of dandelion may increase the frequency of urination.


Do Not Take If

  • You are taking Lithium: Dandelion may increase sodium depletion.
  • You are taking Diuretic Drugs: Dandelion may increase diuretic effects.
  • You are taking Hypoglycemic Drugs: Theoretically, dandelion may lower blood sugar levels.
  • You are taking Cytochrome P450 (CYP) Substrate Drugs: Dandelion inhibits CYP3A4 activities and may result in changes in blood levels of substrate drugs.
  • You have Hormone-Sensitive Cancers: Dandelion may increase the growth of these cancer cells.
  • You have Chronic Kidney Disease: Dandelion tea contains high level of oxalates which can accumulate in patients with compromised kidney function leading to toxicity.


Side Effects

  • Heartburn
  • Stomach inflammation
  • Mild diarrhoea
  • Low blood sugar


Case Reports

  • Bladder Inflammation: In a 33-year-old woman who used a slimming product containing dandelion. Symptoms resolved after product discontinuation.
  • Gangrene of the Fingers: In a 56-year-old man with chronic kidney disease after intake of large quantities of dandelion tea due to accumulation of oxalates.
  • Rare Allergic Reactions: Including red, itchy bumps; children may be more prone to allergies with dandelion.
  • Toxic Blood Levels of Immune Suppressant Drugs: In a kidney transplant recipient, that occurred after consumption of a tea that contained dandelion, which inhibits an enzyme used in the metabolism of these drugs.

Once again, Dandelion root extract (DRE) MAY have great potential, as a non-toxic and effective alternative to conventional modes of chemotherapy available today, but the research has not been done yet that PROVES it to be beneficial to cancer patients.
NB!!! Dandelion was determined to be an important allergen (a substance that can cause an allergy) in children.

Please always remember to NEVER give your child ANY other medication, pharmaceutical or traditional, or even any tonics etc without FIRST consulting your child’s oncologist as it may affect your child adversely or negatively affect the efficacy of current treatment!!


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