Imagine you are a mother, perhaps from a rural area… you have just received the worst news ever about your child – they have CANCER!
Then you and your child are immediately bundled into an ambulance and transported to a hospital in a strange city where you know nobody… you are scared out of your wits… you may not have a cellphone to contact your family, or airtime, or money… you have nothing to eat, nothing to sleep in, no clean clothes, nothing with which to wash yourself…

… and then you receive a beautiful bag packed full of thoughtful and handy things such as toiletries, some snacks, tea, coffee, sugar, feminine hygiene products, a sim card with a bit of airtime on it, bed-socks and a warm blanket with which to cover yourself as you sit at your child’s bedside… unknown hands reaching out with love to let you know that you are seen, you are loved, you are supported, you matter…

LFCT distributes Bags of Hope to Paediatric Oncology Wards whenever we can, as we did yesterday….

LFCT recently partnered with the Drakenstein Association for the Physically Disabled (APD) Centre in Paarl, an NPO where the “differently-abled” are employed, to make our Bags of Hope for us – they are lovingly and very creatively handmade from recycled jeans. We used the first lot of bags as part of our Mother’s Day outreach last week and the mothers LOVE them.

Read more about the contents of our Bags of Hope on our Bags of Hope Project page.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to:

  • LFCT Ambassador and Mr South Africa 2019 Finalist Johan Daniels for the lovely toiletries
  • Property 24 Newlands for the great thermal coffee mugs
  • Christian Literature Fund for the beautiful Children’s Bible Story Books
  • Lufthansa Airlines for the lovely Blankets
  • Darsim Tool & Die for the lovely LFCT Green Otima Snack-Boxes

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