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We have featured the story of little Heini, who has undergone two operations for Brain Cancer and is currently still undergoing radiation treatment, in a few of our earlier articles, and now we would like to tell you a bit about his mother again…

“Mom Lize is a widow, and is travelling this hard road of crisis upon crisis solo. She was the only child of a couple who have already passed on and Heini’s father died 2 years ago. Due to this, she is walking a difficult path full of thorns and pitfalls that make it difficult to face everyday life. At this stage she still needs to give her full attention to her little boy, for whom she waited so many years, and who is her most precious treasure.”

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What We Need

The paintings featured in this article are painted by Heini’s mom, Lize, in a bid to earn an income to help with the huge medical costs and day-to-day living costs for her and Heini as she cannot go back to work due to Heini’s condition which is not good. (Heini is very susceptible to germs and is also going blind).

What we need is help for Lize to sell her paintings and a sponsor for the materials that she uses to paint them (paints, material etc).

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How YOU can Help

Anyone can buy the paintings, all you need do is contact Lize via the Facebook Page set up for Heini and arrangements can be made.

What Lize REALLY needs is an art shop/studio that could help her to market her paintings and someone/a business who would be so kind as to sponsor her the materials needed so that she can continue to paint as a form of income.

If YOU live in the George/Oudtshoorn area and have a business or have access to a shop, a market, a coffe shop/restaurant, or any other place where the paintings could be advertised and sold, PLEASE HELP.

If you are an individual who would like to help by sponsoring some cloth/canvas or paint, this too would be most welcome…

Kindly contact Lize via Heini’s Facebook Page if you can help in any way


“You give but little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”
Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

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