Hola, Peeps! Can you believe that is almost October already – where has the year gone?

This being so, it is time for us at the Little Fighters Cancer Trust to start making arrangements for our Christmas Elf Project!

For those of you who do not  yet know this; every year LFCT does a drive for Christmas Presents. The LFCT Christmas Elf Project provides Children with Cancer with Christmas presents which many of them would not have otherwise.

For many children this will be the only Christmas presents they will get. Apart from supporting Individual Children with Cancer, all of their siblings also get Christmas Gifts and as many as possible of these destitute Families are also gifted with a full month’s worth of groceries so that they too can share in the Festive Season without having to worry about where the next meal will come from.

In order to do this, we ask for volunteers to act as Christmas Elves as we need loads of elves to help us pull this off.

Would YOU like to be an LFCT Christmas Elf this year? Read on about how you can become one and what your sacred duties as a bona-fide LFCT Christmas Elf will be….

We aim to provide a Christmas Gift and Snack Pack to every Beneficiary plus their siblings, as well as in-patients in the Paediatric Oncology Wards where we can…

LFCT currently has  over 50 Individual Childhood Cancer Affected Families registered with us (these nunmbers can change daily, and more and more are needing help as they succumb to COVID-19 side-effects such as unemployment.

We cannot just give presents to the Child with Cancer, as all their siblings really also have a very difficult time of it because Childhood Cancer Affects the Whole Family!

We therefore give each Child with Cancer PLUS All Siblings a Christmas Gift and Snack Pack so that they too may feel the joy and love over the Festive Season. This year we would also like to include a small gift for the parents who have REALLY suffered and gone without over the past 18 months, where possible.

Each of the Families registered with us who need assistance with groceries and nappies will also receive a full month’s worth of each, delivered to their doorstep, to help make things easier over this Festive Season.

We elves try to stick to the four main food groups:
candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup
~ Buddy the Elf ~

Calling All Santa’s Christmas Elves

Here is where you as an individual can help to make Christmas a Joyous Celebration for our Brave Little Fighters, either by volunteering yourself or by getting your company/business to help:


Register as a Christmas Elf so that we can grant you written permission to:

1. Fundraise (financial donations must be deposited directly into the LFCT Bank account so that no elves have to handle cash)

Financial Donations are vital as we need to be able to buy what we do not have sufficient of, and we always negotiate great discounts because we buy in bulk, so we can stretch your donations SO much further!

2. Utilise your network of Friends, Family and Colleagues to collect the following through Official LFCT Drives that you will be able to hold with our written permission:


Our goal is 1000 nice, age-appropriate Christmas Gifts for ages 0-18 (including about 120 Adult Gifts)

Suggestions for Gifts
  • Building Block Sets, Foam Puzzle Sets, Shape Sorting Sets
  • Stuffed Toys Medium Size
  • Dolls, Tea Sets,
  • Bulky Trucks and Cars, Tool-sets, Farm Animal Sets,
  • Car construction kits, Cars and Car Sets,
  • Arts and Craft Sets, Beading Sets, Make-up Sets,
  • Any Age Educational Toys
  • Make-up and Science Sets for Teen Fighters
  • Puzzles, Activity Sets, all ages
  • Board Games, all ages
  • Drawing Sets, Painting Sets,
  • Age Appropriate Reading Books
  • All Ages/Genders: Summer Clothing (T’s, shorts, sandals, peaks, vests)
  • Adult Females: Chocolates, Cosmetics, Diary/Journal, Smelly Stuff, Nice Cream
  • Adult Males: Razor, Shaving Cream, Deodorant, Keyholder, Nice Mug, Peak Cap

We LOVE educational type gifts which can keep the Children busy while they are ill and which they can use to exercise their grey-matter and learn skills, even while they are unable to attend school.

 PLEASE NOTE: Toys must be new due to the high infection risk to Children with Cancer due to impaired immune systems.

Snack Pack Content


We pack Large Ziplock Bags packed full of:

  • Lays Crisps,
  • Small Packets Maynards Soft Chewy Sweeties
  • Small Boxed Fruit Juices
  • Small Chocolate Bars
  • Fizzers
  • Lollipops
  • Santa Hats
  • Christmas Crackers

IF we are able to, we would like to add:

  • A colouring-in book,
  • Wax or pencil crayons (ages 4-10)
  • A small teddy (ages 0-3)
  • A small board game (ages 11-18)


 Non-Perishable Food

Can you imagine not being able to put a meal on the table for your Family over the Festive Season, and especially on Christmas Day?

We make SURE our needy Families have groceries SO THAT THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN!

Our non-perishables groceries list will be sent to you when you register as a Christmas Elf.

3. Be a drop-off point which we can publish (your name and number/email address) so that other Supporters can drop their contributions with you. We will arrange collection by our cargo-carriers, KARGO NATIONAL at a time that suits you.

4. If you are very Blessed and don’t need gifts for yourself, ask Friends and Family to donate to LFCT in lieu of a Gift to YOU, making it possible for us to Gift a Child with Cancer.

Product donations should reach us between 07 and 15 November and financial donations can be made any time.

If you would like to become an Elf, please email Lizelma on pm@littlefighters.org.za or call her on 084 099 1136.


1. Spend some of your CSI/Charity Spend budgets where you know it will make a huge difference. Full Section 18 A tax certificates and 135% B-BEEE procurement documents are issued.

2. Collect the above-needed as an end of year Staff Involvement Project.

3. Come dessert time at Christmas Parties, there is often a LOT of wastage as people are, uhm… partying too lekker. Ask your Staff what they would think about rather donating a part of the dessert budget to LFCT instead.

We NEVER get everything we need donated fully in product, so please remember, we also need financial contributions in order to pull this off!

This project is valued at over R500 000 and that is a LOT of money ~ We cannot do this without you!

Financial Donations

Financial Donations can be made in a number of ways. Whichever method you use to donate money towards the LFCT Christmas Elf Project 2021, please use ELF + Your Name as the reference.

Trust Reg No: IT2817/2010
NPO No: 089 376
PBO No: 930037657

Bank Details

Little Fighters Cancer Trust
First National Bank
Paarl Mall Branch
Account: 62380183013
Branch Code: 250057
Reference: ELF + Your Name

PayPal – Donations


If you want to touch the past, touch a rock.
If you want to touch the present, touch a flower.
If you want to touch the future, touch a life.
~ Unknown ~

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