Little Fighters Cancer Trust is proud to announce that we have been chosen as the beneficiary of the Mosaic Association of South Africa’sButterflies for Kids with Cancer” Project.

Every year MASA selects a beneficiary or cause to support with mosaics to brighten their environment but also as a means to raise funds. Association members are requested to create a themed mosaic for this purpose. Previous projects can be viewed HERE.

The 2015 Butterflies for Kids with Cancer project will invite MASA members, as well as their friends, family and supporters across South Africa to create either a 20 x 20cm wood base or a wood cut-out of a butterfly, mosaicked in bright, cheerful colours. Each participant over the age of 18 will also make a cash donation of R50. All the donations will be paid over directly to LFCT.

Although a gold ribbon depicts childhood cancer, there are 12 different cancers, each represented by a different colour. In order to make it more meaningful for the participants, they could choose their favourite colours according to the different colours of the awareness ribbons in order to know which childhood cancer they are supporting.

MASA will be organising workshops nationally on 9th May 2015 for those who would like to take part. (See list of places and times here)

MASA members will also visit paediatric oncology wards, where permission can be obtained, and spend a few hours with the children, teaching them how to make simple mosaics.

The Project will run from the beginning of March to end August 2015. MASA members will vote for the Top 10 (or 20 depending on the number of entries) mosaics, which will be presented to LFCT to be either raffled or auctioned to raise additional funds.

The balance of the mosaics will be donated directly to LFCT, who will arrange to have them installed at various cancer wards around the country to brighten up the rather dismal wards.

Anyone is welcome to take part in this very worthy project. Those interested should contact MASA directly.


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Contact: Cher Manning
Phone: 082 923 2299
Facebook: Mosaic Association of South Africa




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