The Little Fighters Cancer Trust functions with a tiny full-time team of 4 and works Nationally with the help of various Volunteers, Ambassadors, Representatives, and some wonderful Corporates too, without whom we could literally not function and do everything that we do.
These are the people who work in the background and about whom most of you do not know, or if you do even know that they exist, have absolutely no idea of exactly how integral they are to the continued existence and functioning of LFCT ~ These are the individuals that are the backbone of an organisation like ours…
We think that it is time that we change this fact, so we will be running a series of articles over the next little while that highlights these integral members of Team LFCT.

“A kind gesture can reach a wound
That only compassion can heal.
~ Steve Maraboli ~


Today we are honouring and thankful for the help of a dynamite little package in the form of the wife of one of our Trustees – Willeen Louw.
Willeen is the wife of Donovan Louw, and for some time now this lady has jumped in feet first to help wherever she can – from driving their bakkie to fetch donated goods and getting in there with the packing and unpacking of boxes into and out of the bakkie, unpacking of boxes of goods at our HQ, to anything and everything that we need.
Willeen is the person who, at the drop of a hat, will respond to a cry for help phone call from Nickey with an “Of course, see you asap” and off she goes to do whatever it is that is needed.
Willeen we just want to say “Thank You” for everything that you do for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust with no recompense and due to the nature of the work that goes on at a non-profit organisation and the madness and all the crisis, sometimes without a thank you because there is just too much going on and we forget.

So, lest we forget again, we would just like to say

With Loads of Love & Appreciation
Nickey, Tiema, Eric & Billi

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