Daniel Johnson, born on the 20th of June 2007, was a lively boisterous little fellow. Always ready for action from the break of dawn until sometimes after his sleep time. However in 2011, his life drastically changed. Early on in the year, he would complain to his mom and grand mom about a stomach ache. Various trips to doctors and the local clinic came back with a result of he has tonsillitis that was affecting his stomach.

One Wednesday afternoon in early October he went to his gran and told her his tummy was sore. She felt a hard lump on his stomach and his temperature was also a bit high.

She took immediate action. With mom Wilma, the three of them went to the local clinic. Upon examination by a senior nurse it was decided that a referral to Red Cross Children’s Hospital was the only solution. The next day, after being registered at RCCH and being seen by the doctor, it was decided that an immediate operation was necessary. The operation itself was a success, but the cause of his illness was a shock to everyone at home.

The blockage in his bile, medically called intussusception (turning in on itself), was caused by cancer. Non lymphoblastic lymphoma, to be exact. After two days recovery he was transferred to the oncology ward at RCCH, where he underwent further tests to discover how far the cancer had spread. It was discovered that the cancer was only localised to his bile and that most of it was cut away during the operation. However two short sessions of chemotherapy was necessary to make sure that there was no more cancer cells.

While looking after Daniel at RCCH, during his chemotherapy, Wilma, Daniel’s mum was approached by Tania Goslett, a regular visitor to the oncology ward. She gave food and clothing for the kids in the ward, and gave them a business card, saying that if anyone needed help or support that they should contact her.

We, Wilma and Dominic, wish to thank the doctors and nurses at RCCH for their prompt and professional help. To the doctors in the oncology ward, particularly Dr Mark Hendricks, who is seeing to Daniel, a very big thank you for your help support and guidance. To Tania Goslett from the littlefighters, without you and your support for us during the trying period in our lives, we would be lost. Thanks to you all and God Bless you all for your help and dedication.