Little Caiden Myburgh was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma (malignant tumour that developed on his right kidney) at birth. When he was born he didn’t drink / feed properly and everything that went in came out again. We did a scan to see what was wrong and they found a tumour on his right kidney. At first the doctors assumed it was just a tumour / growth that can be removed surgically. He went for his first op when he was 10 days old in Alberton, Netcare Clinton Hospital. The operation was unsuccessful after 6 hours and they decided to stop because Caiden was losing a lot of blood, but they managed to take a sample and sent it for tests.

The lab came back and told us that they found Cancerous cells in the sample and that Caiden has Cancer and we have to do a MIBG to see the size and where it has spread to.

He was still kept in Clinton Hospital to recover from the operation and 2 days later was sent to Pretoria, Netcare Unitas Hospital to start Chemo Therapy with Dr. David Reynders.

By then Caiden was too small to be transferred to the Paediatric Oncology Ward and was still kept in Neonatal ICU where he started his first Chemo Therapy and was later transferred to the Paediatric Oncology Ward.

He went for Chemo for 12 months and we did another MIBG to see how far the tumor has shrunk and if it was then possible to remove.

The Paediatric Surgeon was happy and we went for the second operation which they then removed the tumor successfully. After the removal we went for chemo again for 6 months and did a scan again to see if all was clear.

We are now going again in August for another scan and hopefully nothing will show again then we will be Cancer Free.

But the last 2 years has been tough Physically, Emotionally and Financially for me and my wife and of course Caiden. We a bit stress free since the last scan but we are paying off Medical Bills that’s over our heads.