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We would like to share with you, what we have done and how we do it, and who we do it for.

We need the Support from the public, as well as Corporate world, to enable us to continue doing what we do , and to do even more.

LFCT receives no Goverment funding or major corporate funding. We rely completely on public donations and the small amount of corporate donations and sponsorships we receives.

Greys' Hospital Visit & Gifting

April 2018

Our Pietermaritzburg Representative, Lauren Hook paid our Little Fighters at Greys' Hospital a surprise visit to deliver some Easter eggs, colouring books, crayons, craft puzzle books, tooth brushes, tooth paste, and loads of love.

Lauren was accompanied by Elene de Klerk who organised the midlands function of which LFCT was a beneficiary.

Nazeen Moolla, KZN top model and WoMen­ Holistically Interacting to Empower (W.H.I.T.E ) Ambassador, who has so picked LFCT as her charity joined them and loved meeting the kids and seeing what Child Cancer is all about.

The children all loved all the presents and love and attention showered on them and there were smiles galore when our ladies left - the mothers present were also very happy because life is so hard and boring for both the children in hospital and the mothers who sit beside their beds all day. These little gifts and the fact that LFCT spends time intereacting not only with the children but also with the parents means the world to them!


A Bed for Teen Warrior Kyle

April 2018

Our teen Warrior Kyle, who had been in remission and had just started back at school in the new year went for a check-up and it was found that he had had a set-back that would require another operation - this weighed very heavily on him and his family, especially when it was discovered that he had relapsed.

Kyle was put back on a very intensive chemotherapy cycle - this unfortunately meant that he was vulnerable to infection and that his platelets and blood counts would get lower rather more quickly. He became weak from the intense chemotherapy sessions and rather dehydrated so needed to stay in the hospital for quite a long time.

It was later discovered that nothing more could be done for Kyle and he returned home to be with his family. When we asked what we could do, we were told that Kyle needed a new bed with the right kind of mattress as well as a High Density Foam Overlay so that he would be comfortable once he returned home, as well as some new bedding to go with the new bed and some comfprtable clothing that he could lounge around in so as to not always to have to wear pyjamas as wearing normal comfortable clothing would make him feel a bit better.

Thanks to a concerted fundraising effort and some generous donors, LFCT managed to get Kyle the bed he needed plus everything else!


Midlands Mini Easter Egg Hunt and Market

24 March 2018

Our absolutely wonderful PMB Rep, Lauren Hook has been at it again - thanks to her, LFCT was approached to be part of the Midlands Mini's Easter Hunt & Market over the past weekend.

While attendance was apparently not that great due to other events taking place at the same time, fun was had by all who attended .... and don't Lauren and her daughter look great in their bright yellow tees....

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust would like to send out a shout and a BIG Thank You to Midlands Mini's for including LFCT in their event. 

Lauren, Thank You SO much for all that you do for our Little Fighters and for giving up your weekend to spread Awarness about Childhood Cancer and fundraise for us - we REALLY appreciate it. And a big thank you to Erin for helping her mommy so nicely too! 


Greys’ Hospital Pietermaritzburg Outreach

6 February 2018

We just luuurvve our Little Fighters Cancer Trust Representatives – they do SUCH great work and we would not be able to do what we do without our volunteers and LFCT Reps.

Yesterday our Pietermaritzburg Rep, Lauren Hook, did a quick visit to Greys’ Hospital to bring some joy to all the Little Fighters there and was rewarded with broad smiles and infectious giggles.

Lauren does this regularly once a month and is always cheered by the gratefulness shown by the children as well as the mothers/carers for the little gifts for the kids. There is basically one ward and in it are children of all ages who really get very bored, so any games, puzzles etc are always warmly welcomed.

Yesterday Lauren handed out toys, colouring books & crayons, packs of cards, puzzles, puppets, finger spinners, face cloths, toothpaste and toothbrushes - and every single gift was humbly appreciated.

 Lauren had the following to say:

The little boy in the blue shirt giggled so much at the finger spinner that the doc on duty came to see… made his mom smile and hug me…  priceless moment… 

The boys ended up doing a puppet show game while I was there…  loved it …

I met a little girl Chantal… u see me chatting to her and mom in one photo… she is four turning five… a month’s diff to my daughter…   I cried when got to work… but her mom and her are very positive… so humbled with the gifts.


Lauren, thanks for spreading the love….   


Wonderbag Raffle

February 2018

LFCT received a donation of a Wonderbag in December from Tiger Foods to either give to a beneficiary or use however we saw fit.

“The Wonderbag“ is an amazing South African invention, and is a simple but revolutionary non-electric heat-retention cooker. It continues to cook food that has been brought to the boil by conventional methods for up to 12 hours without the use of additional electricity or fuel. The Wonderbag is also a Coolerbag – it keeps food and beverages cold. Freeze it, bag it, store it, serve it.

The Wonderbag is great for mothers of Children with Cancer because it will free up their time in the kitchen while allowing them to cook nutritious, wholesome food for their family. They can start the food on the stove and then place it in the Wonderbag and go about their business without any worries – when they are ready for dinner it will be ready for them…

We decided that more could be done if we raffled the Wonderbag off, which we did @ R25 per ticket.

We sold 97 tickets, which means that the Wonderbag, which is valued at around R300, actually brought in R2 425-00 which was then utilised towards purchasing food for our Family Care Packages.

The draw took place on International Childhood Cancer Day which was Thursday, 15 February 2018 and the Wonderbag was won by a long-time supporter and one of the first people to buy tickets, Mieke Batelaan.