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Little Fighters Cancer Trust gifted Reef Carneson a Breathing and Heartrate Monitor

10 June 2011

"There is a 2 year old child, Reef Carneson, who has experienced more pain in his short life than many adults have in an entire lifetime.He was diagnosed with Cancer at 5 months of age and is the youngest child ever in South Africa to have had a bone marrow transplant.His current medication causes his heartbeat and breathing to slow down dangerously when he sleeps. He needs a monitor which costs R2000 which will warn his parents if his heartbeat or breathing stops when he sleeps.Come on people, I know we can do this. Even if you donate a R10 towards this monitor it will be R10 closer to the goal.Any donations can be paid to the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, a registered non–profit Trust."

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust would like to thank all the contributors, we were able to provide Reef Carneson with the Breathing and Heartrate Monitor he needed!

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