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Please feel free to read all the stories of our little fighters. PLEASE NOTE: Not all the photographs in our Little Fighters Albums are nice to look at. Some of the photographs depict the horrid realities of Childhood Cancer. Sensitive viewers should be mindful.

Muhammad Ebrahim Hussain

Mohamad Hussain was born on 15/09/2009. From the age of 6 months, the new parents began noticing that Mohamad was not always feeling too well. After numerous visits to the pediatricians, Mohamad was diagnosed with a condition known as Heamophycotic Syndrome. He was admitted to hospital for a four month stay at this time.

For 18 months, Muhammad was doing well. He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in March 2012.

Mohamad and his family is based in Port Elizabeth and has to travel to Cape Town for treatment every so often at Red Cross Children's Hospital. When well enough to receive treatment in Port Elizabeth, Muhammad is treated at Greenacres Hospital.

Muhammad's father, a qualified pharmacist, had to leave his employment to be the primary care giver. Often in hospital for several months at a time, it is impossible for Muhammad's Father to commit to employment at this stage. The decision for Muhammad's Mother to continue her nursing studies was made whilst keeping in mind that she is very close to receiving her qualification.

The family has made huge sacrifices to offer Muhammad the best that they possibly can. The strain, financially and emotionally, has been horrific, but they are still standing and weathering the onslaught of childhood cancer bravely.

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