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Please feel free to read all the stories of our little fighters. PLEASE NOTE: Not all the photographs in our Little Fighters Albums are nice to look at. Some of the photographs depict the horrid realities of Childhood Cancer. Sensitive viewers should be mindful.

Jessica Burger Watridge

When Jessica was introduced to the Little Fighters Cancer Trust as a Cancer Diagnosed baby, she was less than 4 months old!

Jessica Burger–Watridge from Polokwane is an innocent baby girl whom was diagnosed with Leukemia and rushed to Unitas Hospital on Monday 21 february. The pediatrician treating her reports that he had never seen a child of this age with such a high white blood cell count, throughout his career.

Mom Cindy Watridge, a Mitchell House teacher, and dad Jandre Burger are currently staying in Pretoria with relations while Jessica is undergoing a 39 day treatment plan, including chemotherapy, spread over four months after which a bone marrow transplant is crucial for her recovery.

Oncologist, dr David Reynders explains that Jessica has been diagnosed with infant leukemia which is caused by a translocation of certain genes, that the prognosis is generally not very good and the survival rate is very low.

Cindy reports that although a medical aid exists for Jessica the medical plan will soon be depleted and donations to cover all the costs as well as prayers are desperately needed. How many of us would come prepared for such a situation? The cost of this treatment is unexpected and devastating. Therefore any financial aid would help the family to give Jessica all the treatment necessary to fight this killer disease. It is also Cindy’s wish that the general public should be more aware of bone marrow donation. It is something very few people know anything about and is crucial in saving the lives of children/patients such as Jessica.

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